How digital locks are better than conventional ones?

Posted by Alex wong on December 2nd, 2020

All of us wish to have peace of mind - a feeling of security that the moment we lock our doors and leave for office or vacation, no intruders will invade our personal and professional assets.

For decades, our homes and offices are being protected by conventional padlocks of varied shapes and sizes, and the traditional door-and-lock keys. But technological progression has a way of enhancing our lives not because we want to, but because we have to.


Modern times call for modern equipment — and that is what makes the gateman digital lock so special and efficient.

Security and safety

We know all about the traditional door and lock key as all of us have used it, and that’s a fact, not just a conjecture. For years, it has satisfied its special duty to keep the doors secured to keep the intruders out. The bad news is that today it is quite easy to photograph and copy physical keys.

That is almost impossible to do with digital locks. With a digital lock system, you can rest assured that your assets are secure and safe when you leave.

Peace of mind

Ever left the house or the office in a hurry with a worrying thought?

“Did I lock the doors properly?” 

The question plays again and again in your brain the whole time. That thought even stays throughout the day, which impairs your capability to concentrate on other important aspects, affecting your efficiency. 

The smart digital lock ensures that the moment you leave your door, the entrance to your home is secured. Digital lock systems offer peace of mind that the conventional door-and-key locks will lack.

Ease of access

Digital lock systems are efficient tools that provide easy access to homes and offices. If you have a digital lock system that understands a PIN code, then all you have to do is to recall the code. 

Going out of town and forgot to pass the code to someone? 

No need to come back to the house to hand over the physical keys as you can just share the one-time pin code or duration pin code to anyone via phone or a text message. 

The same notion is true with the HID proximity card recognition where the card that is small enough to fit into your wallet, open doors. When technology progresses, you can even unlock your door using your smartphone. It uses Bluetooth to allow you to unlock your door via smartphone. 


With everything going on with our busy routines — traffic gridlock, progressive lifestyle — we are all looking for ways to keep procedures shorter, more effectual, and much easier. What could be more appropriate than a digital door lock system that uses smartphone recognition, which makes it difficult for intruders to break into your space as the security you have in your smartphone. 

Apart from that, a biometric reader is also another secure way that makes it really difficult for intruders and burglars to break into your home or office.

Integration to devices

Almost 20 years ago, did we ever imagine that our doors will be smartphone-regulated? Perhaps not.

But today the digital lock system, or smart lock system Singapore, is merged into smartphones that make the locking and unlocking more secured. 

Several Smart lock providers in Singapore offer convenient alternatives for both personal and professional use. You can open your door without a key by jointly utilizing your smart lock or digital lock system and your smartphone. 

You can also have a real-time assessment of who accessed your door. No keys are required as your smartphone works as the key.

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