IdyaFlow Drives “Think Local Movement” in Canada

Posted by IdyaFlow on December 2nd, 2020

One of the simplest ways to invest locally is through local purchasing. The data shows on average, every dollar spent with a local business recirculates locally about 2.5 times before leaving our communities. 

IdyaFlow is launching a partnership based initiative with local accelerators, innovation centers and chambers of commerce across Canada to build an online community-based multi-vendor marketplace for each city/town to connect local businesses with their communities. The plans are underway and we are extremely excited to make a measurable impact to our local economy.

For local businesses, selling their products in a multi-vendor marketplace is cheaper than designing a website and searching for software tools that manage the marketing and analytics needs for the e-commerce platforms. Our marketplace solution allows the platform to create and manage micro-sites for each of the local businesses. 

An online marketplace gives you the following benefits:

● Digital visibility: A lot of vendors use marketplaces as their main search engine and this way the local businesses can make their presence across more channels grow. In addition, customers feel more confident buying products in online marketplaces.

● Diverse customers: Their existing loyal customers will know their brand and will continue to recommend it. On the service marketplace, the businesses can reach new buyers that have never crossed paths before, or try new demographic niches and discover new sales opportunities.

● SEO reinforcement: The vendors (hopefully!) know how to monitor their website’s SEO and analytics. On the Marketplace platform, they will have to set up their product keywords and ad campaigns and discover what attracts the most traffic in a marketplace!

● Easy management: Listing and managing the products cannot get any easier. We will support you to set up, list and manage the products.

IdyaFlow is a Marketplace-as-a-Service software. We help you launch a fully functional online multi-vendor marketplace to connect your local businesses to their customers in a few days ready to generate revenue. For anyone looking to create a multi-vendor, peer-to-peer marketplace, where commerce and community meet, IdyaFlow has all the flexibility and functionality you will need. Our SaaS model combined with a unique modular approach allows you to keep it simple (and cost effective) to start, then add premium features as your marketplace scales and demand warrants. Equally important, monetizing the marketplace is easily accomplished through the built-in integration with Stripe.


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