React Native vs Xamarin Comparison

Posted by Robert Astley on December 2nd, 2020

Do you want to build an application in cross-platform?

Well, that’s a sound decision. Because, it has a quicker time to market, and simultaneously ensures an easier implementation process.

React Native vs Xamarin: Easy Comparison Guide 2021 
#Difference 1: Availability 

React Native

As discussed, React Native is open source. It is available freely for any platform and uses JavaScript- the popular language.

This platform provides a virtual DOM presentation for rendering the native controls.


Microsoft’s Xamarin is available on a free version. Since it uses C# language, we can conclude it is a bit restrictive by nature.

However, the application build with Xamarin can be used offline as well.

So, both these applications create high performing application explicitly saving your cost and time for coding. So, who’s the winner here- React native vs Xamarin?

Naturally, Xamarin shows a wider scope for development.

#Difference 2: Code Compilation 

React Native

React Native comes with a Just-in-Time compilation that is available only for the Android platform. Just because Apple prohibits the generation of codes, it isn’t applicable for the iOS platform.

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