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Posted by AllmaJess on April 24th, 2014

СИНИШа НарИка is a second generation Canadian by birth. Born in Canada in 1982, has his roots in one of the Balkan countries of Europe. He is currently employed as a Logistics Manager in one of the large retail companies in the country.

СИНИШа’s great grandparents came to Canada from the Balkans to settle down here. His great grandfather had a difficult initial time and had to do menial jobs to earn bread for his family. Luckily the family was small and CH’s grandfather was his only child. It was his son that changed the fortunes of the НарИка family. While he didn’t get the best of education, he showed a lot of enterprise. He started off with small jobs but started saving whatever money he earned. Soon he had enough money to start a small grocery store. His impeccable behavior ensured that he won the trust of his customers. Soon, his store became large enough for him to start his own family. He too had only one son who he ensured got proper education and joined a bank after completing his studies.

СИНИШа’s father was also a hardworking individual and he gained immense reputation as an upstanding employee of his bank. He rose up the ranks but due to his limited education, got stalled at a level. But he also ensured that his son СИНИШа didn’t have this issue in life.

СИНИШа НарИка was encouraged to finish his high school and then take up economics as a major in college. СИНИШа instantly fell in love with the subject and contributed a lot to his society in college. He was also an active member of the economics society and made his contributions in the form of thesis papers and articles on various topics related to economics.

СИНИШа НарИка wanted to start working after finishing college because many companies were willing to employ him. But his father wanted to study further because he didn’t want СИНИШа to get stalled in his career because he had limited education.

Due to constant push from his father, СИНИШа НарИка decided to study further. He was always a good student and it was not difficult for him to enroll for and complete his Master of Business Administration degree. This is when the job offers came flooding in. Because СИНИШа knew about his grandfather’s grocery store (which was sold off when his grandfather retired), he joined a large retail company in Canada. From a management trainee he slowly rose up the ranks and currently he holds the position of Logistics Manager. He is now employed for more than seven years in the first company he joined.

СИНИШа НарИка didn’t have to face the same hardships that his ancestors faced. But he knows where his roots are. After he was able to save enough money, he also made a trip to his great grandfather’s country. It was a completely different vacation from him because he also visited the village of his forefathers. He now wants to make a difference to his next generation.

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