Why Install Ductless Airconditioning unit?

Posted by juliabennet on April 24th, 2014

There are two types of delivery systems used by the airconditioning units for providing cool air. These are ductless or ducted systems. Most of the homes nowadays are made with the air ducts that are made of metal sheet which runs from main unit to every room in your house. These ducts are usually hidden in the walls while air is sent to all the rooms with the help of vents. When it comes to ductless systems, like Mitsubishi airconditioning, they send refrigerant from outdoor unit to the air handler which is placed on wall or the ceiling of some specific room.

Though the ductless airconditioning units have to offer different benefits, the homeowners having existing ductwork find it better to go with ducted units as that’s more comfortable for them and is financially feasible as well. Here are some of the benefits as well as the concerns that are often associated with the ductless systems.

When you opt for a ductless airconditioning unit, it can be easily installed by the contractor as there is no ductwork required. It has to offer some sort of flexibility when it comes to the location of the air handler. These units have the ability of cooling your home from some particular zones and stay quiet when they are operating.

There are some concerns for opting for the ductless airconditioning systems as well. The overall indoor circulation of the air is reduced by them and they increase the humidity as well which can result in air quality and comfort problems. Furthermore, they leave the air handler appearing on ceiling or wall of each room. If you are looking for a solution for your complete home then ductless systems can cost you a lot if there is a central AC system in the home already. The refrigerant lines are external and this can lead to aesthetic concerns and energy losses. Easy repairs and serviceability is a bit of concern in these units as they keep getting older.

Even though the ductless airconditioning units are not a recommended choice for all the homes but in several situations these can be considered a preferred choice as compared to the conventional ones. These situations can be the additions to the room or adding the cooling system to some work space or a garage, cooling older and smaller homes where ductwork is nonexistent, when the space is your prime concern and the ducts won’t fit in and when you have to replace the less efficient room/window air conditioner.

Humidity, comfort and the long-term reliability must be considered when you have to make a smart choice about your airconditioning units. It is always advisable to get some help from the professional and contact some licensed and reputable contractor who might be able to explain different variables and options as far as selecting best solutions that meet your requirements is concerned. A reliable choice should always be the major concern for you here as dealing with a poorly working system can be more of a headache.

If you are looking for the ductless airconditioning unit then the Mitsubishi airconditioning systems can work best for your needs.

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