Importance of Asbestos Testing

Posted by Johny Dean on April 24th, 2014

In spite of being a highly resistant mineral that can be used in so many industries, asbestos has been identified as a danger for the health of any person exposing to it on a regular basis. In order to protect yourself and the others, it is highly important to hire a specialist to carry out an asbestos testing before starting any house project.

Asbestos is a mineral that can be found in nature, which is recognized for its strength, resistance to high temperatures and insulating properties. These properties have been the main reason why asbestos has been used for so many years in several industries. For example, it has often been utilized in producing shingles for roofing, cement compounds or even textile products, such as fire-proof vests. There are six different sub-classes of asbestos, but the most common ones are chrysotile and amosite.

The use of asbestos dates back to antiquity, when the Greeks and the Egyptians made the first materials out of this resistant mineral. Even the Romans found it highly important and created napkins that could be tossed into fire in order to be cleaned. Only later, during the 19th century, the need of exploiting asbestos in large quantities came forward. A lot of different products started being manufactured with this material. One of the industries with the highest demand of asbestos was the constructions industry.

The problem is that asbestos has been identified recently as a potentially harmful substance, which is now banned from being used as a construction material. There are several diseases that are associated with the exposure to this mineral and some of them can even lead to death. However, asbestos has been officially banned and acknowledged as a toxic material much later, in the second half of the 20th century.

Unfortunately, there are still many buildings that are made with materials that contain asbestos. For these reasons, it is highly important to get asbestos testing whenever you have even the tiniest suspicion about the presence of this mineral in your house. In this way, you can either eliminate the suspicion in order to continue with any house project you have, or you can remove the danger once and for all. But, before making a decision, you should consult a specialist in asbestos testing Sydney.

Airsafe is a respected company that provides reliable asbestos testing Sydney services. They get the job done, no matter the problems that may occur. With more than 30 years of experience, the company has the right technical expertise to carry out any asbestos testing Sydney in order for you to have the peace of mind you deserve. Their priority is to provide you with the best answer to all of your questions and deliver the most accurate asbestos testing you can benefit from.

Keep in mind that, in order to get an answer form a specialist in asbestos testing, you will need to collect a sample. Airsafe will make sure that you receive the most reliable services when it comes to asbestos testing Sydney so that you can live in a healthy, non-toxic environment.

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