7 Reasons Why You Need SEO Campaign For Your Website

Posted by MichealH Alexander on December 3rd, 2020

Have you just launch your website and you are thinking it looks great and it have all the content you need? And now you wonder whether you need an SEO or not? Well the answer to that is yes! You need an effective SEO campaign and in this post I am going to give you 7 reasons why you need an SEO campaign for your website, but before we dive in to that, first thing first.

What Is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) simply means the process of improving the efficiency of your site, to get or increase visibility in the search engines for specific keywords. Your website get discovered by people in the search engines based on how optimized it is. Best WordPress Developer

How Search Engines Work?

There are many search engines in the internet, but the most popular search engine is google which have 90% share of global searches. Search engines have robots called spiders that are crawling the internet 24/7 travelling from site to site following links, when they find a new website link they crawl the site and get all the data including headings, paragraphs and images then google use that information to decide how important your site is, and whether to show it in first search result or in the last page where nobody will find it.

7 Reasons Why You Need SEO Campaign For Your Website

1. You Are Loosing Money Everyday Your Website Is Not SEO Optimized.

 There are over 2 billion people online everyday, and over 90% of online activities start from search engines, people are searching for your content right now, as there are over 63,000 google searches every second, which is about 5.4 billion google searches per day, with proper SEO strategy you have the opportunity of getting new visitors who are going to engage with your content continuously, which help in building your digital presence, increasing your customers and maximizing your revenue. Without SEO nobody is going to find your website in search result.

2. SEO Receives 90% More Clicks Than PPC (Pay Per Click).

People generally trust organic search more than advertisement result, which means people click on the first result on organic search more than they click on the paid result.

3. SEO Improve Your Organic Traffic.

With proper SEO strategy you have a standard flow of traffic continuously from search engines, organic traffic is the best traffic source for any website, the people that visit your site through organic search are more likely to engage with your content and drive conversions compared to any other traffic source, because they are looking for something already, and you provide the content that matches their search, that is why they are more likely to engage more, and if you have a great content that solve their problem they will keep coming back.

4. Cost Effective.

While SEO is not cheap nor easy, it is the most cost effective marketing strategy compared to PPC where you have to pay money every time someone click and visit your site. Rather than paying for impressions and clicks which may or may not turn to conversion, developing a consistent visibility over time will save you money and develop a reliable traffic that will not dry up when you stop paying.

5. Credibility and Trust.

Building trust is very important when marketing a website, people are not going to engage with a business they don’t trust, when you are just starting out you don’t have any big audience or social proof the best way to build trust and credibility is to have your website consistently shows up in search engines, that way people believe google is recommending your website and that gives you automatic credibility and social proof. Create A Wordpress Website

6. SEO Eliminate Cold-Calling Techniques.

With good SEO strategy you don’t need any solicitation by phone or telemarketing, you don’t have to be calling people on phone, sending emails or visiting people who are likely not going to take you seriously.

7. SEO Is The Smartest Marketing Investment.

It gives you a consistent value, it generate leads, traffic and sales in the most efficient way, once your website is ranked you get a consistent traffic that result in maximizing your ROI, you can build an online authority over a specific topic for a specific niche.


Those are the 7 reasons why you need seo campaign for your website. If you are serious about building an online presence and a successful business you need to take action today! As it have been said many have the required intelligence to succeed but the main difference between the ones who succeed and the ones who didn’t is Action.

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