RTA Kitchen Cabinets: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying One

Posted by Mords1944 on December 3rd, 2020

Kitchen cabinets are the very first thing that comes to your mind when looking to remodel or design your kitchen.

Undeniably, modern kitchen cabinets account for a lion’s share of space beside other fixtures and furniture. Thus, it's only natural how they form a major part of your kitchen remodeling expenses.

For anyone looking to get things done on a budget, it can be quite a difficult situation. Thus, one starts to look out for cheap kitchen cabinets, chiefly in the form of pre-owned and salvaged models. Now, while they promise an excellent bang for the buck, they are a major letdown in terms of quality.

This is where Ready-to-Assemble (or popularly known as RTA) kitchen cabinets stand out in the row, offering homeowners an excellent way to design their culinary space and also save money. RTA kitchen cabinets are also easily available and delivered fast.

If you are a DIY type, you will be rejoicing to work with RTA kitchen cabinets. They are usually delivered in a flat pack along with all necessary hardware to get the job done. Thus, it saves you from hiring labor, significantly bringing down your expenses.

In this post, you get to know everything about RTA kitchen cabinets before you can order one for yourself. Read on!

Get the size right

Before you purchase RTA kitchen cabinets for your kitchen, it is necessary to get the correct dimensions. Like any other furniture, the thumb rule is to measure the space twice. That will ensure you get the measurements right every time.

While there are different sized cabinets available in the market, they necessarily do not fit your kitchen space. Hence, one should explore several models to find the right fit. Remember, if you have an open kitchen space, you will need to invest in a broader cabinet compared to other slimmer and sleeker styles that are widely advertised.

Money matters

RTA kitchen cabinets bespeak a wide gamut of choices. Thus, one can choose from a cheap model that uses low-quality material to high-grade stuff that promises longevity over several years of usage.

Also, the finish, the assembling, and the shipping cost are other variable factors that separate one RTA cabinet model from another.

That is exactly why you have a price range hovering between 0-0 for RTA cabinets, specifically.

Nevertheless, no matter what type you choose to buy, you will always end up saving a lot with RTA cabinets. Also, are usually shipped in pieces, which invariably make way for low shipping costs compared to other kitchen cabinets that are bulkier and pricey to ship as one single unit.

Lastly, if you are good with the nails and hammer yourself, you can save some cash from not having to hire people to set up the unit.

How cool is that!

The Game of Quality

RTA shaker cabinets are probably the only kind where one can witness a huge difference in quality from one model type to another.

You see, RTA cabinets are all about convenience and affordability. Hence, no two models are the same. While some RTA kitchen cabinets depict the finest quality in the market, some other kind may last only for a year or two.

Thus, whenever you are out buying RTA cabinets for your kitchen, ensure you are checking on a few points to be sure of its quality and performance in years to come.

Well built RTA cabinets should invariably have features like solid wood crafted drawers, panels made of high-quality plywood, dovetail joining, frames cast in solid wood, glossy brush painted finish, and drawer guides.

The idea is to keep your eyes open so that you invest in the right kind of RTA cabinet for your culinary space.

As a homemaker, you are the best person to have a clear vision about the look and feel of your kitchen. With RTA kitchen cabinets, you will need to know what you want for your kitchen. Once you have figured out the styling, decor, designing, fixtures, lighting, and furniture, the rest should fall into place.


It's Time to Test Those DIY Skills

If you have ever bragged about your DIY skills, installing an RTA cabinet is perhaps the best time to put things to test.


Undeniably, kitchen cabinets are an element of sentiment, and we would like you to bring home the very best, with nothing to regret about later. Also, since RTA kitchen cabinets are mostly DIY types, you must keep your toolset handy before the shipment arrives.

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