What can you do with a Masterís of Legal Studies degree?

Posted by LSAC on December 3rd, 2020

Having a Master of Legal Studies (MLS) degree is like an asset. This is because it opens the door for many future endeavors within the legal sector for the students. This degree program offers in-depth knowledge of how the legal system works side by side with the industry. So, if someone aims to have a working knowledge of the law, then they will definitely go for a candidate that has MLS. 

In fact, with MLS, you get an instant leg up compared to other candidates in the job sector. And it isn’t necessary that you need to work within the law sector after having an MLS degree. You can also spread your wings as:

1- Human resource manager: 

HR managers require staying on the top of the working chain as they handle disciplinary procedures and disputes between employees and other clients. Your knowledge of the law can come in handy to offer unbiased opinions to establish a harmonious workplace. 

You can even aid the employees with information on the work environment, sexual harassment claims, or equal employment opportunities. 

2- Senior business analyst:

As a senior business analyst, you can work either for a single firm or with many clients at once. With this role, you will need to analyze the business system so that you can come up with development strategies to increase revenue. 

With a thorough understanding of government regulations and law, you put forward actions that prove appropriate for the business and yet comply with the law. 

3- Social worker:

Social workers are the need of the hour because many families cope with challenges every day. You can help in a wide variety of situations rights from people suffering due to illness or disability to people with addiction, adoption process, improper employment, homelessness, and many more. 

Your knowledge of the legal system can be used in assisting and guiding clients towards a better life.  

4- Associate operations director:

An associate operations director does everything right from planning to executing and overseeing the daily operations of a firm. The associate operations director allocates the talent properly in the company and ensures that the company’s goals and objectives are met. 

And since their job is to improve the business structure, with the MLS degree in hand, you get the upper hand in making changes that are in compliance with government regulation and law. 

Bottom line

Well, to be honest, every sector nowadays requires a legal expert who can take care of legal issues in the firm. So, having a law degree like a Master of Legal Studies (MLS) or a Master of Science in Law (MSL) is always a boon. And that also means that the opportunities mentioned here are just a few of many others that are waiting for you. 

Cameron Martin is the author of this article. To know more about JD Degree please visit our website: lsac.org

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