Choosing the Best Dog kennel systems Online: A Brief Guide for Pet Lovers

Posted by alisonreid29 on April 24th, 2014

Buying dog kennels was not really a straightforward thing to do only a few years back. Pet owners used to visit pet stores and buy chain links and other parts and had to take the toil of assembling the units. With leading manufacturers now offering dog kennel systems manufacturing and installation support services, it has become easier for dog owners to buy or manage cattery and kennel systems. However, for the average dog owner, newer challenges have surfaced. In the past, mom-and-dad pet stores used to cater to local dog owners and they used to get related assistance from the shop owners whenever they needed it. However, many customers have not yet acclimatized with the norms of the online marketplace and they often get spoilt for choices when they come across numerous websites offering similar kind of products/services. It is, therefore, important for you to know how to choose and buy the best outbuilding for your dog.

Two different types of kennels

Kennels are broadly categorized into two types, kit and modular. The chain link kennels fall in the first category. You need to bring together the disjointed parts and draw out the link so that fits into the frame. As this process requires involvement of more than one person, this has fast lost its popularity to the modular kennels that are now being manufactured by leading dog kennel systems manufactures in the UK. These kennels come with preinstalled parts and you can easily assemble the unit. On the other hand, dogs tend to chew the chain links as they are mostly made of soft metals. Some manufacturers, however, are using dip galvanized steel these days to prevent dogs from chewing the links through. What are the other distinguishable aspects of new-age dog kennels? Let’s explore.

Tailor-made dog kennels for your pet

One thing that today’s kennel systems manufacturers put high emphasis on is the durability of the kennels they make. They are using BS standard galvanized steel to make the kennels really long-lasting and maintenance-free units. They cover the steel-made roof with a plastic sheet. This is one radical change they have bought in kennel manufacturing process. Though timber has been traditionally used to cover kennel roofs, the use of plastic in its stead has just ensure better health and wellbeing of the future inhabitants, the dogs. Plastic, unlike timber, does not stink or rot and does not spread any infection. Therefore, coating the steel frame only translates into added security and more comfort for your dog. Some manufacturers cover the kennel ground with plastic as well and for good reasons. You can clean up these kennels quite easily.

Customization options

Dog owners can now rejoice in the fact that many manufacturers of dog kennel systems are now allowing individuals, charity organizations, dog show hosts to choose from the kennel types. Therefore, you can now just visit a manufacturer website, take a closer look at the kennels and order a tailor-made kennel for your dear pet. Use Google wisely to find the right manufacturer and installation support service provider.

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