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Posted by alisonreid29 on April 24th, 2014

Diamonds are extremely precious and valuable items that haven’t ceased to fascinate us over the centuries. Ancient royalty used to wear uncut diamonds, as they were deprived of advanced techniques of processing these items. Learn more about the beauty of raw, uncut diamonds.

Today processed diamonds cost a lot more than uncut diamonds. A certain shape, style and design that are conveyed to an uncut diamond by an expert gem artisan can raise or lower its price. Uncut diamonds can make a very profitable investment for those who intend to cut them into more stones, process and resell them at higher rates.

You may be familiar with the four Cs that are used to value a processes diamond, the color, the clarity, the cut, and the carat. When it comes to uncut diamonds, these criteria of evaluation simply do not apply anymore. There is no grading scale of GIA certification for the raw diamonds. An experienced and competent jeweler can be hired though, to make an estimate about the highest value an uncut diamond can reach after being processed. 

An uncut diamond can be found in four different shapes, and you should raise awareness on these specifications, in order to be able to spot the raw beauty and authenticity of an uncut diamond. These crystal shapes are known as Octahedra, Dodecahedron, Cubic or Macle.

They can be also classified by usage and main purposes. Uncut diamonds have been sorted as cleavage ones, for sawing, cutting, and there are also the industrial ones. The gem quality items are used for creating jewelry, and they are endowed with fancy, distinct colors. The yellow industrial ones provide the greatest hardness features. The crushing-boart ones are the worst quality you can find, and they are used as dust for polishing processes of gem stones.

There are numerous online contractors who trade raw diamonds, and you must be very cautious not to get scammed when online purchasing these items. Look for certified and respected businesses in this domain, read forums, tutorials, good reviews, and ask for expert advice.

Also, avoid closing contracts with online sellers who can’t provide guarantees for the authenticity of their products. It’s essential that you go through the entire terms and conditions section and become aware of refunding and returning policies. You ca get in contact with online uncut diamonds sellers and ask them whether to provide a certification for the stone you want to buy, or to agree with an independent evaluation. It can be very wise idea to hire the services of an expert jeweler for establishing the quality and value of the item you want to purchase.

Now that you know a few basic facts about uncut diamonds, you can get online and start your research for reliable uncut diamond businesses. Having a look at photo galleries of raw diamonds can be a very pleasant activity. Therefore, take your time, get informed and close safe deals with raw diamonds seller.

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