Learn How to Safely Purchase a Rough Diamond

Posted by alisonreid29 on April 24th, 2014

If you want to purchase a rough diamond for having it cut and shaped into a particular design, you need to acquire a few tips on how to close a safe deal. Learn how to save money by online purchasing rough diamonds.

Purchasing a rough diamond at wholesale prices can prove to be a very profitable deal. What’s most important is that you ensure you won’t get scammed. A rough diamond is not a cheap accessory and you must make sure you buy an authentic item.

You can find plenty online businesses that trade rough diamonds and you need to learn how to distinguish among them, in order to find a reliable and respected contractor. Internet facts and references can help you find accredited and trustworthy businesses in this domain. It’s advisable that you start an online research before getting in contact with sales representatives of rough diamonds.

First you can make a list of accredited businesses in this domain. You want to avoid buying an illegally procured or unethical rough diamond. The U.N.’s voluntary Kimberly Process is a certification program and you can check whether the rough diamond you want to buy is conflict-free and certified by this program.

It is advisable that you rely on a neutral expert’s advice. You can hire an independent gemologist and make an arrangement with the seller to have the item inspected by the expert. In case the seller refuses your proposal and can’t guarantee for the diamond’s authenticity, then you should avoid closing the deal, and start looking for another contractor.

Some people intent to have the rough diamond purchased cut into one or more stones. This is another process that demands for your cautious attention, and the wisest thing to do is to have the diamond appraised before and after the cutting and shaping process. So, tell the jeweler about the appraising inspection, so that you prevent the temptation of fraud, which may sometimes occur with unreliable jewelers.

There are online rough diamond traders, who enable potential clients to have a look at the photo gallery of their items and read complete descriptions. It is also important to read terms and conditions policies, refund and returning policies and other facts related to the purchasing process. It can also be a good idea to learn about the various types of rough diamonds and be able to spot a diamond in its natural setting.

You should also raise awareness about grading criteria when it comes to rough diamonds. Practically there isn’t an official standard way of valuing these stones, though some experienced and competent jewelers might have the capacity to judge their quality. Most people prefer buying them not for the certified value, but for the impressive appearance and raw beauty.

Now that you have gained some tips and tricks about dealing with online rough diamond purchasing, you can get online and start your research. Keep account of all the facts mentioned above and close safe deals with rough diamonds online contractors.

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