How Online Examination Platform Can Help Educators During A Global Pandemic

Posted by dennishahn on December 3rd, 2020

The outbreak of the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has hugely impacted the education sector. Not only are the institutions suffering, but even the students are deprived of their basic right to education for a major part of the year. New academic sessions couldn’t start as planned. The final year exams of the previous academic sessions could not be conducted as expected. The pandemic forced the government to close down schools, colleges and other educational institutions. And there are still no signs of any significant recovery by the end of 2020.

During these tiring times of the pandemic, technology has come to the rescue of the educational institutions. Institutions are increasingly adopting the online education system to reach out to their students and provide them with their basic right to education. It has been a hugely innovative step which has positively impacted the lives of many students.

With the help of the online education system, the institutions are not only able to conduct online classes but are also able to conduct online exams effectively with the help of an online examination platform. Many institutions and teachers have readily adopted the online examination platform to assess the knowledge and learning of their students. It is considered the best way to keep their students focused and engaged in their studies despite the tragic circumstances in the outside world.

A recent survey by a leading technology firm unearthed the desperate need by many educators and teachers alike about the active introduction of online education in the regular academic cycle of students. They all were looking for robust online education tools and online assessment platforms to conduct effective online classes for their students. This demand created the rise of different online quiz maker tools to enable teachers to conduct effective online emanations.

So let us check out how online examination platforms can help the institutions and teachers with imparting education during the times of the pandemic.

  • Flexibility and adaptability

The online examination platform,in combination with the online teaching system, allows the teachers with the opportunity to personalise the way they impart their teachings to the students. One has to note that the online classroom system is far different from the typical classroom session. Through an online examination platform the teachers can plan their tests as per their convenience rather than following a fixed schedule as with a typical classroom session.

Further, the online quiz maker software is equally adaptable to changing needs of the subject or the education system. It means that you could either add or customise the questions as per your syllabus and the knowledge and understanding of your students. This feature will allow you to conduct an effective assessment.

  • Motivates the students

For students, the online system of education and examination is a very new experience. They would have never thought they would be attending classes and giving exams from within the safe confines of their home. So, it can be a new experience, and every pupil may grasp it differently. The online classroom system allows students to form new learning habits. Plus, the online examination platform provides them with meaningful insights on their understanding of the subject, their strengths and their improvement areas. This self-analysis under the guidance of their teachers inspires them to approach learning in a very innovative way. The new environment of the online quiz maker tool motivates them to learn and understand their subject in a much deeper way, paving the way for a new type of online education and assessment system.

  • Conduct online test & reach more students

The most crucial advantage of the online education system is that it allows the teachers and institutions to conduct online examinations for their students. With the help of the online assessment platform, the institutions can reach out of a wider student base and provide more students with the opportunity to attend the examination.

  • Cost effective

Further, conducting an online examination with the help of the online examination platform is very cost-effective in comparison to conducting physical exams. It not just saves money for the institutions but also allows them to effectively assess the knowledge and understanding of their students.

  • Quick results

Another advantage of the online assessment platformis that it delivers the results instantly. In most online exam systems, the results of the examination get displayed as soon as the exam gets completed. This way, the teachers are able to provide real-time feedback to the students on their performance. This kind of feedback is more effective than the feedback which comes after a few days of giving the exam, and it ensures immediate implementation of the feedback resulting in visible changes in the learning and performance of the pupil.

These are the ways an online examination platform could help the education institutions impart online education during the pandemic.

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