Internet Security- Why do you need it?

Posted by Sovo on December 3rd, 2020

Most of us are using the internet each and every day, even now you are reading this article, thanks to the internet. But is it even safe? There are a lot of people who don’t feel safe online. How much of this can be true? Well, if you think the internet is unsafe, then you are not totally wrong. We all have heard cases of online theft, fraud and what not? 

It is true, how the internet has proved to be an effective mode of communication for almost everyone, but it is also true that this is one side of the same coin. If it comes with advantages, disadvantages are there too, no doubt in that. Let’s talk about internet security in this article and why do you need it? You have an antivirus program installed in your PC, that’s good, but it is different from internet security. How? Let’s discuss that as well.

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Antivirus and internet security are not same

  1. While antivirus eliminates malicious software, internet security comes with the features of antivirus and some other features as well.

  2. Internet security comes with parental control while the antivirus program doesn’t. 

  3. While antivirus alerts you about risky websites, internet security will block those risky sites too, after warning you. 

  4. Internet security is a must for protecting your system while you may or may not have an antivirus software. 

  5. In case of antivirus software, they can deal with the malware pre-existing in your system. But internet security deals with other threats like phishing, spyware, etc.

  6. Firewall is included in internet security and not in antivirus softwares. 

If we look at this comparison between antivirus and internet security, it is quite visible how both of them are really different. And not just that, but it can clearly reason how one can choose internet security over antivirus softwares for a better and safer environment for their systems. 

Why do we need internet security?

Let’s have a detailed discussion about the perks of having Internet security and why one should have it for sure. For that there are a number of reasons which show how internet security has become important for protecting your system.

 I mean it’s 2020. You know how much harm a single virus can cause to you. Think about your system, getting attacked by not just viruses, but other harmful malware like bots, adware, Trojans and what not! To protect your PC you need internet security and here are some reasons to support my claim.

  • Protects personal and sensitive information: If you have internet security, then you should know your personal information is safe from hackers. Hackers often break into systems of individuals or of companies to gather information about people like their email id, passwords, bank account details, or even photographs. All of this can be used for purposes that can salvage the lives of victims. Personal information is one of the most important commodities for everyone and should be protected at any cost. 

  • Provides a safe working environment for employees: Wherever you are working, it should be a safe place, right? Even if it’s your company the working environment should be safe. And in order to fulfil that responsibility you can rely on internet security programs. If you or your employees are cyber attacked, it will lessen the productivity of your business. 

  • Protects you from adware and spyware: Spyware and adware, both are used for harming your system. While spyware is used for spying your computer actions, adware is designed for attacking your system and infecting it with the means of multiple advertisements. Advertisements are pretty common and can easily introduce malware into your system when you click on the ads. Spyware hinders within your personal space as it spies on you. You can prevent yourself from both the attacks by using internet security. 

  • Protects your website’s reputation: It is very common for hackers to break into websites of small and medium scale businesses. Nowadays, small scale business has become really vulnerable to online attacks. Not just the information of employees, but the information of customers is at stake in this case. If the hackers steal personal information of customers, it can clearly affect the reputation of the company. Customers can easily spread bad words about the company, thanks to the internet as well as social media platforms. This doesn’t stop here. Rival companies are always looking for such opportunities. They will go to every end to use this problem against you to boost their business and let your business sink. 

There are a number of other reasons that support the use of internet security programs. Some of them are here.A good internet security software is what you need to keep these viruses away from your gadgets and maintain your privacy.

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