Photography Workshops

Posted by zemesangel on December 3rd, 2020

Photography Workshops

7-Day Birds of Prey Photography Workshop & Slovakia 5-Day Death Valley Photography Workshop 8-Day Ecuador Humming Bird Feeder Photography WorkshopCulture Safari Tour 10-Day Iceland Landscape Photography Workshop 10-Day Montenegro & Dubrovnik Photography Workshop 11-Day Northern Pakistan Photography Workshop 11-Day Slovakia Birds of Prey and Landscape Photography Workshop 12-Day Tanzania-Kenya Photography Workshop

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Wildlife photography is one of the most popular type of photography. In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to photograph between 8 and 12 different specimens of birds of prey including Barn Owl, European Eagle Owl, Long Eared Owl, Snowy Owl, Goshawk Hawks, Harris Hawk, Peregrine Falcon, Red Footed Falcon, Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle, White Tailed Eagle, etc. We will photograph these magnificent birds of prey in natural settings and will photograph them both in-flight and static sessions.

In this workshop, you will learn wildlife photography techniques and be able to observe these animals in close range. During the static sessions, dependent upon the light and the overall condition of setting, we will place the birds in a more photogenic position so better pictures can be taken. During in-flight sessions, you will be able to take amazing pictures of the birds in action, in natural looking settings that are almost difficult to take without hours of waiting, if not days.

Upon completion of the photography workshops, we will spend two full days in Budapest including a full-day guided tour which allows you to get to know this magical city.

Sean’s interest in photography started when he moved to Singapore as part of a career change from the military. Singapore was full of such diverse nature and wildlife that it was impossible not to take an interest. Where he lived, he had wild long tailed macaques monkeys living opposite the house in a nature reserve together with snakes, lizards and tropical birds... all within a stones throw away. It was this that ignited the ongoing passion he has for wildlife and photography.

That year back in 2010 he purchased his first DSLR. From then on people started taking a big interest in his works. After many hours of studying wildlife and reading photography related books and endless days out with his camera, Sean began to reap the rewards of his hard work and slowly developed his own style of wildlife photography. Living in Wales and being surrounded by the natural world gives him endless opportunities to develop these skills.

This passion and job has has taken Sean all over the UK and across Europe photographing a wide array of wildlife species. He regularly run photography workshops and 1-2-1 mentoring sessions. This has now giving him the opportunity to pass his passion of photography and wildlife on to many people whilst guiding these workshops all over the world.

Sean has led numerous workshops in UK and further afield in, including Skomer Island, Greece, Finland, Slovakia, Romania, Spain and Africa to name a few.

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