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Posted by Swigart Law group on December 3rd, 2020

Are you tired and fed up with receiving unknown and spam calls daily? Or you want to get rid of this but not finding the right way or approach through which you can get rid of this hectic situation.

So if you are the one, who is tired of all this then there is no need to get worried we all somehow face this in our daily routine cycle and we all know that how irritating this is especially for those who have a hectic and busy routine schedule and in between this they can easily get distracted from their work.

So if you are facing all these things in your daily routine then you guys are in right place. as by the name of the title you guys are aware that my today’s article is all about the telemarketers spamming and unwanted calls in which I try my level best to counter and jot down some of the relevant legal points through which you can get rid of this and find a portion of peace in your life.

Instead of dragging this more, let’s get the ball rolling and come back to the point and revealing the legal ways and tricks with me.

Legal actions which you can take against the spamming and unwanted calls

Well, it doesn’t matter from where you belong, and from which city you live in every country/ state there is a legal action against the spamming and unwanted calls but the thing is unfortunately there are a minority of the people who are aware of this advantageous deal.

So if you are the one who wasn’t aware then no need to get tense. Every state has its federal trade (commission) department and the purpose of that department is to counter or trigger these spamming and unwanted calls and take some serious actions against the spamming and unwanted calls.

Just for the sake to increase your information, there is a legal bill act which is recently passed sometimes back in which it has been quoted that after the complaining or warning there are some legal punishments which the person who is behind this telemarket running this unwanted and spamming things have to bear and obey.

Despite this, if you are a layman and receiving spamming or unwanted calls on a daily or weekly basis then there are also some quickest ways through which you can get rid of this situation. As one of the easiest ways which you guys can approach without asking anyone is to block that number.

Like I always say that technology has come up with both advantages and disadvantages so the one best advantage which you guys can avail is the call blocking option which all of you guys can find it out on your cell phones.

To continue this tail, another interesting trick which you guys can consider is to download the call blocking or tracing software. Yes, there are also heaps of software that are available easily on your phone app store all you need to do is simply search it and then pick the one and download it in your pones.

Some software offers you the call block options, some offer you the entire history option in which you can easily trace and get the information, name, and location of the caller.

So it all depends on you in which way you feel comfortable but yes, on the other hand, not all the software is genuine, trustworthy, and reliable. So before downloading any app or software makes sure you have checked its reviews, ratings, and its recommendations.


I hope after reading the above-mentioned points you all are aware that what are the tricks and legal points through which you can block the spamming and unwanted calls from your phone permanently.

Additionally, if you guys think that you want to know more in detail related to the legal action then I suggest you guys go and check this Tcpa attorney San Diego

Checking this will also help you out and clear your confusion regarding the legal act bill and its punishments.

For personal questions and FAQ’s feel free to ping me.

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