Why to choose React Native app development for developing Cross platform app?

Posted by kulmohan singh on December 3rd, 2020


When it comes to the Top trends in mobile application development, React native Mobile app development  is the best and trendiest mobile app development framework.


It is an open-source framework means it has less limitations and  can be used more efficiently which is developed by Facebook as its own cross-platform app development technology. It allows the developers to use React and JavaScript in addition to native platforms to build mobile apps. 


There have been numerous apps developed by react native like facebook,uber eats, skype, instagram, pinterest any list goes on.


It makes work easy, just code once and it will be available for both Android and iOS. If the developer knows the java script then there is no extra need to learn Android specific java or iOS swift and React native saves a lot of development time. 


The main reason why react native apps are the hottest trend is that its framework helps to petronize both the platforms at one time and end the debate of selecting either iOS or Android for mobile app development.

The main motive for selecting react native for mobile app development are:


  1. Faster development time


As React Native patronizes both the platforms at same time so it cuts the development time and make Application an cross-platform which world in Android and iOS.


  1. Cost Effective 


As part as the cost is concerned react native is comparatively cost lesser than its market counters. React native is best for startups as they focus on more about the money and so for them react native is best for them as for lesser cost they can develop a cross-platform app which can help them to boost their startup. React native cost less than Flutter app development 

  1. Simple coding 


If you want that your App should be more interactive, intricate and high performance with easy coding then React native is the best choice for developing an app which has easy coding and it helps to develop an app without any hassle.


  1. Great UI/UX


React native has the power to host features of devices and create a user friendly design for OS. Apps built on React Native take less time to load, are easier to use, offer great user experience and run smoothly. So, if you intend to make a mark with your app in the market, you need to get in touch with an React native app development company.


  1. One code base


It is known for its one code base feature for iOS and Android by creating one code base for developing mobile applications for two different platforms at same time.

Wrapping up:


So these were the top features which remarks react native as the top trend in future app development in 2021.


The features which have been discussed above are the features which big business giants or startup companies are looking for.If you’re keen on developing and launching an app and making profits, you have to do it now. For that, you need a reliable React Native App Development company or hybrid app development company like ours to help you get started with your project.


At X-Byte Enterprise Solutions, we have a team of React Native developers who are active members of the developer community and are well experienced in React Native and provide top class React native app development service. They understand all the ins and outs of the framework and have the required expertise and industry knowledge to complement your business vision with their ideas and personalized support to make your dream project come true .


So, if you are thinking of making this year count for your aspirations, you have to start working today. Get in touch with us now.


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