Corona Virus Fallout: This Is How Restaurants Will Greet You When You Visit Them

Posted by Jamon Jamon Soho on December 3rd, 2020

The fall of corona virus came along with restrictions on free movement of day-to-day life! Be it going to office, market to shop to having a fine dining experience at the best restaurants West London- it all came to a standstill.

Miss going to your favorite Dessert Restaurants London? Let not corona virus bitter your sweet tooth cravings! Post lockdown this is indeed the mantra adopted by most of the restaurants and bar- as they love to feed you as much you like to eat.

This is why COVID-19 post lockdown will witness all public places taking precautionary measures so that the deadly virus doesn’t get even an ounce of fresh air to breathe.

Here’s a Sneak-Peek into How Best Vegan Restaurant London Will Greet You Post-Lockdown:

Waiters Will Be Wearing Masks: Post-lockdown the waiter who will be at your service will serve you while wearing gloves and masks- as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Using & Carrying Sanitizers is going to Be Highly Necessary: As all of us are using hand sanitizers right now, we will have to carry on this habit of sanitizing our hands frequently.

Roam Out & Dine with Social Distancing: As a precautionary measure- upscale bars, cafes and restaurants will train their staff to maintain a safe distance from the visitors. As they are going to diligently follow corona safety measures- food outlets are going to space out tables to follow social distancing.

Minimum Surface Contact: Guests will be asked not to touch those highly-touched surfaces like doors, door knob, switches- a way to minimize the surface contact. Be it table, crockery, cutlery or glass- everything is going to be cleaned and sanitized to maintain proper hygiene and safety at restaurant.

Backing the Support of Microbiologist: Many restaurants, bars or hotels will be backing the support of a microbiologist to perform swab tests of surfaces and kitchen. It will be undertaken to ensure there’s no outlet for virus.

Conclusion: Get-together plans at your favourite restaurant are something that you loved and enjoyed. You can eat out again if you follow these important measures when in a public place. Basically, all of this is done to ensure that the virus doesn’t comes haunting us in any way!

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