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Posted by BIS RSRCH on December 3rd, 2020

The rise in mass shooting incidents in parts of the U.S. and Europe has been a concern and it has led to serious debate on the legitimacy of selling semi-automatic guns and duplicates of military assault rifles to civilians. From political parties to civil societies, various campaigns have been organized against the firearms industry blaming them for the gun related violence. The Massachusetts attorney has imposed a ban on the sale of semi-automatic and duplicates of the assault rifles in the state.

The nation with the greater procurement of defense weapons, arms and ammunition is stronger in terms of military power as compared to others. Countries across the globe have modernized their defense systems for the procurement of defense-related products and services in order to strengthen their economy. The military and police modernization programs involve huge financial expenditure and suffer public screening. Hence, the procurement procedures are exhaustive and prolonged. Apart from that, security challenges such as illicit arms trade, reach of lethal weapons to insurgent and terrorist groups, and criminal activities, force governments across the world to exert a tight control over the sale and purchase of arms in the open market. Complex procurement procedure can be a challenge hindering the growth of global small arms market.

The growing defense budget of the different countries such as India, China, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and South Africa is playing a major part in the defense modernization program adopted for strengthening the nation’s military forces. Countries across the globe have modernized to a great extent and have increased their defense-related products and services in order to strengthen their economy. Due to the increased demand by the military end users, the small arms industry is significantly impacted.

There is a high demand for small arms for personal security, hunting, and shooting. Apart from traditional retail outlets, many online (e-commerce) distribution companies, such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Brownells, have started emerging to fulfil this growing requirement of firearms. In case of shortage of firearm products, online players will become the next source of supply for end consumers. Some e-commerce websites which are involved in business of firearms are AIM Surplus, Armslist, Brownells, Buds Gun Shop, CDNN Sports, GunBroker, GrabAGun, Impact Guns, Primary Arms, Rainier Arms, RifleGear, and Cabela’s.

Participation of civilian people in military, armed forces, and law enforcement agencies is increasing rapidly. Increasing participation of civilian people in the military as a job as well as voluntarily, can be a good opportunity for global small arm market. The central government of various countries is increasing the number of recruitments every year to increase the participation of civilian people in the defense forces. The following figure illustrates the countries with highest number of military personnel. In many countries, it is mandatory to participate in military services for a specific time period. Such countries include South Korea, North Korea, Egypt, Austria, Brazil, Iran, Israel, Finland, and Denmark, among others. There are some countries which only volunteer men and some volunteer men and women both. People must go through rigorous training for military and armed forces which requires target shooting, and other training activities, and it is expected that it will boost the usage of small arms for the training purposes. The increasing initiatives of countries to conscript for military and armed forces is an opportunity for global small arms market.

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The strategies adopted to gain a significant market share in this growing industry have been varying from product launch, mergers & acquisitions, partnerships, and agreements or contracts. This segment provides comprehensive insights regarding several development activities that the key players in the industry are adopting to compete directly. To lead the market as well as engage in the process of overall market growth, a company needs to introduce new products to the market, improve the existing products’ framework, work in collaboration with the top market leaders or win new contracts, and acquire the relatively weaker companies into its stronghold.

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