Importance of Having an Easy and Memorable Domain Name

Posted by HostBee on April 25th, 2014

A website is known by the domain name, since it provides insight into what the website has to offer. A domain name not only projects the image of the website, but is also essential in bringing more customers to it. Any domain name can be made attractive by making it simple and easy to remember. So, a domain name should be memorable, relevant to your company’s products as well as easy to spell.

If you have an ecommerce website, it is crucial to keep your domain name simple and easy to spell. This is because, if people can remember your domain name, then only you can get enough customer traffic. Keeping it keyword specific will be more ideal, like, say, it should reflect on what you are selling/offering through your website.

For example – if you are an online library, your domain name should be able to make people aware of that. This will lead more traffic to your website.

Even for other websites, a good domain name, like your company’s name, will make it more memorable for people to find you online. And, if your domain name is your company name, then it will also be short and easy to remember. So, if a person has heard about your brand and want to search for you online, (which is quite possible), then he or she can just type your brand name to reach you online.

An appropriate domain name, with an easy spelling will do wonders to your online business. But, getting a good domain name is extremely difficult since there is a lot of competition to own a good domain name. Now, in such cases where you are not able to end up with something appropriate, look for the second best, instead of going in for numbers, hyphens or difficult or wrong spellings in your domain name. A wrong or shortened spelling may divert your traffic to those websites with correct spelling domain names and reduce your prospects.

Having an easy and memorable domain names is crucial for your business to succeed and have a good online presence. Look for suitable options or hire someone to pick out a suitable domain name for you to have a flourishing presence on the World Wide Web.

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The article has been written by Matt Dyer, the Managing Director of HostBee. Established in 2014, HostBee is a 100% Kiwi Web Hosting company which offers the complete range of website hosting, domain names, reseller hosting and domain name packages. They proud to offer professional website solutions at affordable prices.

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