Horizontal structure design of high-quality injection molding machine

Posted by sere on December 4th, 2020

A high-quality injection molding machine will have a horizontal structure design in the structural design. This structure design meets the needs of market customers for it. Because customers have restrictions on the production space, when designing the equipment, the machine body of the large equipment will be lower. This can prevent the height of the plant where it is placed. This high-quality injection molding The machine can automatically fall, and it can realize the function of automatic molding without using a manipulator.

The horizontal structure of the injection molding machine has a relatively low body, so it will be more convenient to supply materials, and it is easier to repair the injection molding machine. Because the fuselage is not too high, the staff does not need to climb to a higher place for maintenance. This also has a beneficial guarantee for the safety of the maintenance personnel and can prevent the maintenance personnel from falling from a height during maintenance. under. And it can be arranged side by side for multiple units, and the finished products are easier to transport and pack.

Exception handling method of injection molding machine

No matter how high-quality injection molding machines are used for a long time, abnormal phenomena will occur, and abnormalities will occur in the following parts, such as gas lines, lack of material, and so on.

In the presence of gas marks, the measures that need to be taken are to increase the temperature of the pet preform mold, increase the temperature of the barrel, or reduce the shooting speed and injection pressure at the gate location. In the case of a shortage of materials, you first need to check whether the dosage of the product is enough. If there is a shortage of material in the thick part of the product, the temperature of the back mold will be too high, resulting in poor exhaust. The measures that can be taken for this phenomenon are to reduce the mold temperature and increase the injection rate. But when the product is short of materials due to the encapsulation position, what is needed is to improve the exhaust environment and reduce the rate of fire. When there is a shortage of material in the product, check the nozzle to see if there is any leakage or blockage, and if the temperature of the material tube is abnormal.

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