Is the "color difference" of tiles a quality problem?

Posted by aihw on December 4th, 2020

In home decoration, floor decoration is the highlight, and seemingly simple floor tiles actually hide a lot of knowledge. So how much do you know about the "color difference" of tiles? Is it a quality problem? Foshan ceramics brand Overland Ceramics tells you about it.

What is the real color difference? If multiple tiles are placed on the observation board with a size of 3 square meters, and a person stands three meters away and observes visually, there is no obvious color difference between the tiles and the tiles are qualified. If there is a color difference, it means there is a color difference. Ceramic tiles are high-temperature fired products, and the kiln will have a temperature change of about 50 degrees Celsius, so the produced tiles will have a slight color change. In the sorting process, the quality inspection personnel will sort the tiles according to the degree of darkness, and assign different color numbers. But generally after the sorting personnel separate the color numbers, there will be no color difference in the same color numbers. But in some cases, the so-called "chromatic aberration" is not the problem of the quality of the tiles, but the trendy beauty brought by the most popular random effects.

The main causes of tile color difference are uneven glaze glaze, kiln temperature difference, uneven color of a single nozzle of inkjet machine, and uneven polishing. Foshan Ceramic's ceramic tile products must be inspected before they are put into the warehouse. Products with real color difference will be treated as waste to avoid entering the market and ensure product quality and reputation.

A design technique that is very popular in Italy is called "return to nature", which means to completely restore the color changes in nature. Just like two leaves are not exactly the same in nature. Therefore, Foshan Ceramics believes that in many cases the "color difference" of ceramic tiles is just the appearance and popularity of a design element, not a real quality problem.

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