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Posted by Rahul Shah on December 4th, 2020

Technology is a dynamic branch of knowledge. It keeps evolving with time, bringing innovation in different industries where it is put to application. The print industry has also witnessed certain technological advancement that has benefited the industry in its long run. Of the many innovations, the introduction of digital printing was one of the most significant technological advancements that the print industry ever went through. It has revolutionized modern-day printing making it simple, easy to handle, cost-effective, and more efficient.

Digital printing is the latest printing technique in which prints are created with the designs conceptualized using computer software. It was introduced in 1950 for paper printing but the technique was later deployed for textiles as well. It emerged as a prototyping tool and a vehicle for printing small batches of fabric for niche market products, namely apparel, accessories, and other items.

What makes digital printing standout?

The technique is gaining wide popularity over other printing techniques that are time-consuming like roller, screen, and transfer printing. Digital printing shortens the lead time from design to production, speeds up sample production, and reduces production lot size and inventory costs. It also prevents chemical and paper wastage like most of the other methods. Digital printers do not require lengthy set-up or clean-up time between patterns and can still produce the finest print qualities. This printing method is great for short printing runs since it is much cheaper than offset printing. It is fast and gives high-quality finishes and saves a lot of time and energy. This method of printing streamlines the entire design, sampling, and production process.

Digital printing has paved an easy and cost-effective way for on-demand printing. It has a short turnaround time and allows modification of the image used for each impression. Smudge-free and superior quality prints are two foremost qualities of digital printing. Due to the savings in labor, digital printing is reaching the point where it can match or supersede offset printing technology's ability. It can produce larger print runs of several thousand sheets at a lower price. All these factors have made digital printing the most popular technique for business printing needs. Whether it is the regular products that businesses offer or short-term promotional products, businesses have started opting for digital printing over offset printing. It has now become a modern-day printing technique for enhancing one's business printing experience.

Benefits of digital printing

  • Cost-effective: Digital printing reduces the printing cost as it does not require set-up fees. Offset printing is quite expensive compared to digital printing. This is because offset printing entails setup fees and plates to be made. Hence, there is a great cost reduction, especially for small-volume printing requirements.  Marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, pamphlets, and other items can now be printed digitally at a relatively low cost.
  • Less time consuming: Since digital printing is simplified and has a lesser number of steps to be performed, prints can be produced faster. There is no set-up process required in digital printing and therefore speeding up the entire printing process. You can go directly to printing your orders and get them delivered on the same day.
  • High-quality print: Digital printing is much more consistent than other forms of printing. In digital printing, there will be no issues with print quality. Colours will be as bright and vibrant as you want them. Everything is controllable and the overall print is exactly as you want them to appear.
  • Provides flexibility:  Businesses whether small or large have printing requirements intended for marketing.These marketing materials need to be personalized to make them adaptive to their intended target market. With digital printing, personalization is very possible and feasible, making it a highly flexible printing option.
  • Reduced carbon footprints: As it does not require the plating process and other processes, equipment, and materials in the pre-press setup, it saves a lot of energy. Digital printing, therefore, contributes greatly to the environment by reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Prototyping is possible: In digital printing, prototyping can be done faster for a much less cost. One common issue that many businesses face is the number of initial print orders. In traditional offset printing, the initial order is huge to compensate for the cost of the master step. But many businesses will not need those big orders. They only need a sample size or a prototype order that can serve the requirements of a test market. Thus digital printing solves this problem very efficiently.

The Digital printing technique has opened multiple doors for web-to-print solution providers to grow exponentially. Most of us do not trust online print shops because we are not sure of their work as everything is done virtually. But digital printing allows online printing services to send mock-up designs or a sample product before the actual printing starts. This saves a lot of money and avoids mistakes. Online printing service provides the best custom printed products without bothering you much. They use digital printing techniques very effectively to provide excellent quality custom printing services. Digital printing has made the personalization of products very easy and cost-effective and to get high-quality printed products you must hire a professional online printing company like PrintStop. PrintStop uses advanced digital methods to print personalized products and cater to the printing needs of companies and individuals. It is one of the best online printing Indian companies.

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