Effective Communication ? Key to Offshore Medical Billing

Posted by Ecareindia on April 25th, 2014

The idea of outsourcing to offshore medical billing companies has become quite common these days. However, many US outsourcing medical billing companies are still hesitant about partnering with offshore vendors due to various reasons. Of them, the communication factor is considered as one of the major concerns. An offshore vendor may have deployed high-end software tools and employed technically sound professionals. However most US outsourcing medical billing companies believe that offshore medical billing can happen flawlessly only through effective communication between their staff and the offshore teams, despite the above-mentioned factors. It is a fact that, many offshore vendors fail in the healthcare sector due to lack of proper communication skills of their people, though they are technically skilled. Let us take a look as to how communication plays a major role in offshore medical billing:

Understanding the Nuances: The goals and nuances of certain outsourcing medical billing companies are best understood only through proper communication. The output can be greatly impacted by two factors. It may be due to an outsourcing medical billing company’s miscommunication or an offshore vendor’s misunderstanding and in most instances - both. Effective communication, therefore, plays a great role in determining the accuracy of the work delivered.

Timely Escalations: Effective and proper communication is highly essential for an offshore medical billing company, as it is the only means of discussing the TAT (Turn-around Time) and other issues during the weekly updates. At times, offshore vendors face challenges and may be pushed in to a situation where they have to make crucial decisions on a particular claim. Such vital decisions must be escalated to US outsourcing medical billing companies immediately. Offshore medical billing companies may lose the goodwill of their clients if timely escalations and proper communication do not happen.

Technological Advancements: Communication, the key factor to effective offshore medical billing has taken a whole new dimension through several technological advancements. Communication today has been made easy through a broad spectrum of mediums, including email, telephone, and VoIP service providers like Skype, Google Voice and Instant Messaging services like Whatsapp and Viber. US outsourcing medical billing companies have the liberty to use any of these mediums to communicate with offshore medical billing companies and reach their first point-of-contact, who is usually an Account Manager. Offshore vendors must also deploy multiple escalation point of contacts should the first point-of-contact be away from work. This way, issues can be reported at the right time.

English as a Communication Medium: There are several offshore medical billing companies located across the world. However, only a few possess good English knowledge and communication skills. US outsourcing medical billing companies consider it as an important criterion before they decide to choose a vendor. Many offshore medical billing companies in India have very good English communication skills. Therefore, India is a better destination for offshore medical billing when compared to other countries. e-care - a reputed offshore medical billing company in India has several people in the junior, middle and top management with outstanding English communication skills.

About e-care India:

e-care India promises the above mentioned benefits with total customer satisfaction. With 14 years of experience in the industry, e-care’s 3 offshore medical billing delivery centers have been providing end-to-end medical billing services and revenue cycle solutions seamlessly to its 30 clients. To know more about e-care and its services, log on to Ecareindia.com

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