What are the common application areas of TFT LCD modules

Posted by sere on December 4th, 2020

Common application areas of TFT LCD modules are as follows:

1. Application case of medical TFT LCD module

Medical equipment requires high contrast, high resolution, wide viewing angle and high quality LCD screen image display. When used in environments that require high-brightness lighting, such as operating rooms, emergency rooms, ICUs, etc., the LCD screen should have higher brightness. The latest design trend is to use low-voltage differential signal transmission TFT modules to ensure that the device is subject to minimal electromagnetic interference.

2. Industrial TFT module application list

Industrial screens are usually used in automatic control equipment, industrial sites, mines, oil fields, test equipment, etc. Most TFT modules used in industrial integrated workstations are 5.7 inches to 19 inches. Usually require LCD screen brightness above 300, wide temperature, 4:3 thick LCD screen, industrial LCD screen or desktop LCD screen is a better choice.

3. Application case of police resource TFT module

LCD provides a powerful information management platform for security monitoring. Through the integration of high-incidence areas, key protection units, police point road information, etc., various functions such as full-screen viewing, multi-screen browsing and touch operation can be realized, and the simulated deployment of police resources such as personnel and vehicles can be realized. TFT modules are also commonly used in industrial LCD screens, which are stable and have high parameters, but they are usually equipped with touch screens on military screens, which are fully pasted to help explosion protection and brightening.

4. Application case of fireproof TFT module

By quickly positioning on high-resolution electronic maps, the actual geographic environment of key units can be displayed in real time, such as floor plans, elevations and real photos. It provides an intuitive and simple operation platform for fire and rescue planning exercises and war assessment.

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