3 costly problems to avoid when ordering custom food packaging bags

Posted by sere on December 4th, 2020

3 Pricey Issues to avoid when ordering Habit bags1. When product packaging takes up too much space, in the long term, product owners have to pay more. Large-volume packaging, especially stiff packaging, is expensive to transport because more vehicles and trucks must transport goods across the nation. A growing number of vehicles mean more fuel and additional expenses. And putting the product packaging in the warehouse also takes up a larger area, which increases further expenses.On the flip side, space-saving packaging can not just reduce the cost but can also be placed on the shelf in large quantities and take up less space from the warehouse.Therefore, when picking product packaging, so you have to pick the appropriate size packaging. This can not only save stuff costs, but also reduce transportation and storage costs.2. Unattractive packagingThe design and printing of product packaging play an significant role in consumer purchasing decisions. Many clients decide whether to purchase based on the overall look of the packaging. Most consumers base their purchases on the outward appearance of the product. Packaging which has no market appeal will remain on the retail shelves, entirely ignored and wasted investment.The packaging with unique layout, attractive colors and eye-catching details brings consumers. It may make the product stick out on the shelf and help consolidate sales.3. Packaging materials cannot provide sufficient protectionHigh-quality packaging bags are great at preserving food since they can extend the freshness of food for a long time and provide excellent barrier management functions to reduce contamination.A puncture-resistant movie protects your goods through transit. In addition, many other laminated movies also protect against ultraviolet and ultraviolet rays.If the product packaging materials cannot offer security, the package contents will be damaged. Once the end user gets the damaged product,the company risks losing loyal customers as well as revenue.  As one of the professional food pouch producers in China, DingQi has concentrated on for the flexible packaging business for more than a decade, and we provide a one-stop OEM & ODM support of all kinds of elastic components to international customers.We mainly produce reusable pouches, such as child-resistant pouches, reusable food pouches, Kraft stand up pouches, plastic stand up pouch, aluminum foil bags, vacuum plastic bags, shovel components, etc..Child proof tote also called child-resistant bag,from the term"child resistant", we could be aware that the features of those totes are that they won't be opened easily by children.Child proof bags can supply a odor proof, air-tight, childproof and a protected environment for packing cannabis, blossoms, medicines and other childproof products. The zipper is not difficult to open for adults, but it's challenging for children. Our child proof zipper bags are made to meet ASTM and FDA standards. After rigorous inspection and testing in the manufacturing procedure. To be able to ensure the dependability of the packaging, it has passed various quality screenings. For this, you are able to make sure that most of child proof zipper bags meet the required packaging criteria.We provide a variety of child-resistant packaging solutions. Provide unique forms, layouts, sizes and colors. In addition, it's distinct purposes. If you belong to the medical field, then you will know the importance of this bag. As time passes, the use of child safety bags has increased. We can fulfill your packing needs.As one of China's leading professional manufacturers and suppliers of flexible packaging, we're trusted by many clients from different countries. We ensure that all packaging is safe for cannabis-related products. Whether you need to pack cannabis products or related pharmaceutical products, we can assist you to provide the best packaging solutions.• MOQ begins from 10,000 pieces• Child proof bags available in different size, material,printing• Excellent moisture-proof and oxygen-proof.

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