How to judge the common end of the electric door opener coil

Posted by sere on December 4th, 2020

The motor coil of the electric door opener is composed of two coils and a capacitor connecting each end in series, and the remaining ends are connected in parallel. When energized, the motor coil generates a magnetic field and rotates with the help of the capacitor.

Before leaving the factory, the blue wire is set as the common terminal of the two coils (or called the live wire), and the brown and black are respectively the positive and negative terminals (or the positive and negative zero terminal, and must be the two wires of a capacitor and We can measure the resistance value with a multimeter. Please do not connect the capacitor before the measurement, which will affect the accuracy of the measurement. The three wires of the motor will be measured, and you will find two sets of data with equivalent resistance values.

Detection method of motor coil and control board

  First, separate the door opening motor from the control board. Connect the motor to the 220V power supply to check whether it can rotate. We said that the door opening motor has three wires. The wire without the capacitor is the common end. Choose the common end to plug into the live wire interface. One end of the strip forward and reverse (the capacitor must be in the state of the positive and negative ends of the series) is inserted into the neutral interface, the forward rotation is normal, and the other end of the reverse rotation is inserted into the neutral interface, the reverse is also normal, indicating that the controller is damaged If it cannot be rotated, the capacitor is generally burnt out, and it can be solved by replacing it.

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