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Book My Wizard is a worldwide stage where it overcomes any barrier between the experts and the users at a global level. Do you know according to the web information there are almost 10000 searches for each second just on Google web crawlers? We have many other web pages as well like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and a lot more. These search engines display thousands of results that keep on manipulating us. Do we have so much time to search this much of the results to get a relevant solution? Are you putting your time in the right place to search for a solution? If no, so what is the solution to get authentic and relevant solutions for all our problems? 

Here “ Book My Wizard” steps in. This first-ever revolutionary platform will provide live experts in various categories and trades which will help you to grow in your personal as well as in professional life by giving one to one personalized video sessions. Mentors or Experts gain more experience which is not shared in books or webpages. 

Why a Wizard/ Expert? 

Let us discuss a few qualities of Wizards you will find in the “Book My Wizard” platform, a live video consulting platform.

1. Analyzer

Whenever you provide information you are stuck on to an expert, the expert will churn and evaluate all the information you are facing. An expert is a person who shares the same values as you do.

Story - There was a ship that should be fixed before the day's over yet the recently selected young engineers were failed to fix it. The Captain knew one individual who was very much experienced about the mechanism of the ships. The man began to investigate the ship and following a couple of moments he took out one nut which was stuck on one rigging and the ship starts working again. When you examine the root, you will be nearer to take care of your issues. Similarly, a specialist will analyse your problem and help you to solve it.

2. Honest

Most of the specialists will follow an uncanny method to show you a rude awakening, which encourages you to succeed further. How? Mentors are the individual who is mercilessly legitimate about you and your work. A specialist won't judge, they help you to unravel the great and terrible and offers alternatives for a make way for how to succeed.

Story- Maria is a successful businesswoman. All went well, but her business was unable to make good sales as before for some reason. She blindly spent money on different marketing agencies but did not achieve results that would recover the revenue graph of her business. One day, she met a professional who is specialized in marketing strategies. He frankly told her that she was wasting her money on agencies and told her exactly how to do marketing and get better results by recruiting in-house employees. She followed the advice of the expert and very soon her business was back on the road of profit-making. We should never hesitate to ask experts. Even large corporate CEOs have advisors with them.

3. Trustworthy

Experts are trustworthy. They always keep your discussion confidential and work on your weakest part to make it stronger.

Story - Joey suffered from anxiety and eating disorder but was cautious about telling someone about this. He called a physiatrist and told him what he thought, and from him, he got the best advice that not only helped him but also made him see things in a better way. A physiatrist will often ask if the concerns are personal or private and keep them confidential.

4. Unselfish

An expert is an unselfish, discreet, and wise person who truly wants you to achieve your goal.

Story - Daniel is a soccer coach and every year he trains many players. In reality, the position of a soccer coach during the games is relatively small, but through his behaviour away from the game, the coach can still influence his team considerably. Daniel creates a winning attitude within the players he trains and gives them proper mental and physical training of soccer. A coach is a person who always wants you to succeed.

5. Listener - An expert is always a good listener. They will listen to you from your perspective, not theirs. They are the ones who are enthusiastically supporting you to become the person you want to be.

Story - Mike wants to buy a new home but he doesn’t have any idea, where to, how to buy it from a trustworthy property dealer. Buying a home for yourself is a big decision. He consulted an expert who listened to his requirements first and then guided him to take the right decision.

Conclusion - In our daily lives, an expert plays a very important role. They can be anyone, teacher, counsellor, expert, mentor, consultant. You are someone who has taken the road and you will overcome your mistakes. Therefore, Book My Wizard presents a forum to meet them live via video calls and fix your issue as easily as possible without wasting your crucial time.

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