Types, functions, uses & threats of keylogger software

Posted by Eric Newman on December 4th, 2020

You might have come across many software-based keyloggers. There are two types of keyloggers; hardware keyloggers & software keyloggers. To manipulate the keyboard, hardware-based keyloggers need a physical approach. On the other hand, any unprotected device may be attacked by hackers through software-based keyloggers.

A comprehensive idea about software-based keyloggers

To get a comprehensive idea about software-based keyloggers, you can check out pctattletale right now. Aside from hackers, the use of refog keylogger is very common to monitor employees. A lot of businesses use keylogger software especially those connected to the internet technology industry.

Keep a check on your children & employees

Of course, for businesses, internet security is of utmost importance, so it is all right to monitor the activities of the employees. In the same way, parents should also utilize this software to keep a check on their children so that they must not access adult sites or other internet threats to them. The computer that is set for the software can be under your supervision since you will be able to monitor every key that the computer users – whether employees or children – will press.

The basic function of refog keylogger

So, the basic function of refog keylogger is to record all keys that are pressed on a system or PC. As an employer, you can keep a check on your employees using the authority given to you by the software. Many business owners make use of the software to have a backup of every keystroke that employees type in. Sometimes, the use of keyloggers is considered to be a malicious activity given the computer privacy of a computer user, which raises many concerns.

The necessity & misuse of a keylogger

The necessity and misuse of the refog keylogger depend on the users. If you use it to monitor your employees or children, it is fair use, but when it is used by hackers to steal private information for misuse, it is an abuse of the software. A keylogger becomes a mighty weapon when used by a cybercriminal or a hacker who uses it to steal away your information. Unfortunately, the use of a keylogger is often found to be in the hands of malicious operators, hackers & cybercriminals, no doubt they are legal to be used.

Screen recorders and keyloggers

And then, there is another kind of spyware, and they are screen recorders that record screens at regular intervals. Of course, on every PC, system, or computer, keystrokes are typed. A keylogger is a piece of app, program, or software that you can use to record them to see or monitor. Hackers install keyloggers on PCs or computers using malicious links and viruses.

Cybercriminals too may install keyloggers on target computers mostly those that are not properly protected. However, refog keylogger makes sense when you – as a company owner – would like to motivate your staff to mind their busies during working hours rather than using irrelevant websites or engaging in unofficial or private activities that may affect their professional performance. To avoid attacks by hackers, every PC user must protect their systems properly.

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