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Posted by Susan California on December 4th, 2020


With the evolution of fashion and the recent vintage series shows on Netflix, there is a trend of wearing and visiting vintage shops nowadays. It is at the same time a very big step for the cultural sector and also for the historical sector. People can visit a vintage clothing shop in Brighton to know more about historical fashion. Vintage clothes do not necessarily mean 18th Century princess clothes. Rather there are some of the most fashionable yet colourful clothes available there. The interesting part of these shops is that they not only sell vintage clothes but also their interior looks quite similar to it. Some of the shops might even let you have your own vintage design layout on the fabric.

We are talking so much about vintage clothing, but what exactly is vintage clothing? Is it a used thing? Well, the word “vintage” is used for describing old antique things. Now for vintage clothing, the clothes can be in the range of 20 to 100years old. That means it can clearly show you changes in the era of fashion. Now for the usage, vintage clothes can be used, unused, new, old, manufactured or even handmade. But they resemble mostly their eras fashion. Vintage clothes may sometime cost a lot of money. But are they worth the cost? In the case of authentic clothes from the 60s or before that the cost is worth depending on the quality of the product. The later ones might not be similar though. But with changing fashion trends why are still people searching for these clothes? The answer is the timeless trend. No matter how much the fashion progress there is still a bit of splash from the vintage era. 

A vintage clothing shop in Brighton is a perfect place if you are a vintage lover. Nonetheless the price and quality of these shops are much better than the local vintage market. Keep in mind that most of the products basically comes from donation so there is a really low chance of getting new products.

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