Blow Molding In Bottle Manufacturing Industry

Posted by joseph george on December 5th, 2020

A lot has changed in the manufacturing industry with molds and molding. While mold is the hollow cavity where desired part is formed out of molten plastic, molding is the name given to the entire process.

Blow molding is one of the many types of molding process used in the manufacturing industry. It is widely used in manufacturing companies that produce hollow objects made of plastic. Like any other molding process, it also uses heated and molten plastic that is forced into the cavity of mold with pressure to create the desired part. It differs because it is used exclusively to create hollow parts. Hence, bottle blow molding is quite common in bottle manufacturing companies. All soda bottles, soft drink bottles and other bottles used for storing liquid rely on blow molding to create high-quality plastic containers.

Similarity To Glassblowing

Just as in glassblowing where a glassblower blows air across heated glass to create a hollow object made of glass, blow molding also blows air across the heated plastic to produce the desired part. This air creates pressure that causes the plastic to expand across the interior walls of the mold cavity to form the desired shape with a hollow center.

Different Types Of Blow Molding Exist

The manufacturing industry benefits from different types of blow molding process. One of the most popular methods is extrusion blow molding (EBM). As the name suggests, it produces the desired part by extruding heated plastic into a parison. Since it allows mass-production for a large volume of objects sharing similar dimensions, EBM is also a common manufacturing process used in the manufacturing industry.

Injection stretch blow molding is another common blow molding process used in manufacturing industry. This process is typical to the plastic bottle manufacturing industry to create plastic bottles in desired shapes. The process has one or two stages, and it creates preforms of plastic bottles which are sold to bottling companies or used for manufacturing plastic bottles in large volumes.

For a plastic bottle manufacturing company, it is essential that they use custom molds. Hence, design specifications and inputs must be provided to the mold manufacturer to ensure quality outcomes. Similarly, the bottle caps are also important for bottle industry hence, the bottle dimensions should also be shared with the bottle cap mould manufacturer to ensure accuracy. Standard bottle cap molds may work sometimes, but for bottles with a different shape, it is essential to use custom bottle cap molds.

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