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Posted by Johny Dean on April 27th, 2014

When it comes to the list of the most popular Portuguese Beer, Sagres is at the top of the list. It is a lager-style beer that is crisp and refreshing. It has come to become an important part of Portuguese festas. When it comes to grilling fresh sardines the Portuguese way, the Sagres Beer is a must have. The following guide provides you more valuable information about this scintillating beer.

The Sagres Beer came into existence in 1940 as an esteemed brand, representing the SCC at the Portuguese World Exhibition. It has been named after the village of Sagres, located at the south-west tip of Europe. It was the place where navigation science was first taught to sailors. The story of the Sagres is similar to that of the caravels that made it out of Lisbon to distant lands. It was the first beer to have been exported. It first arrived in Gibraltar, then in the Azores, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde Islands, Timor, Sao Tome and Principe, Mozambique and Macau. Today, the beer is available in every continent without concern whether there is a Portuguese community there or not.

One of the popular types of Portuguese Beer, Sagres Bohemia is a reddish-brown beer with a fruity tang, powerful character, and creamy foam. This beer was released in 2005 and became an instant hit. Then there is another version of the beer, the Sagres, which is a pale lager made from entirely natural product. it is brewed using traditional techniques using water, unmalted cereals, malt and carefully chosen hops. Interestingly, the brewing doesn’t involve the use of any preservatives or additives. The beer is fairly rich; has an agreeably bitter taste and it is dry. The beer is light and features a golden color. it was the first Portuguese brand to have a mini version, which became quite popular because of its freshness and smaller size.

According to wine and beer connoisseurs, Sagres has become an integral part of the way the Portuguese expressed their emotions. The brand has notably exhibited the Portuguese coat of arms for many years. Over the years the brand has reinforced its position as an icon of the unique culture. The brand today stands for authenticity, charisma and emotion, and has come to build a strong bond with its consumers. It has come a long way from its Portuguese identity and has been readily embraced across the world.

Born in 1940, the Sagres has represented the Portuguese Beer industry to the world like nothing else. Today, the brand has come to become one of the most coveted names for beer aficionadas from around the world. It is known for its quality and authenticity, retaining a connection with everyone, while taking the Portuguese culture to the world. If you love Sagres Beer, one of the best ways to get a few cans in your hands is to search online. There are reputable online stores that are offering different types of beers to consumers across the world.

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