What makes Spanish Wine and Blue Moon Beer so Special?

Posted by Johny Dean on April 27th, 2014

Are you a Blue Moon Beer Australia fan? Do you love the classic wines made from the chosen grapes from the Spanish vineyards? Blue Moon is typically served best with a slice of orange. When it comes to Spanish Wine, you will be spoilt for choice because there are endless options at your behest. The following guide will shed light on the different classification of these world famous wines.

There are 5 main categories into which Spanish Wine are classified. Vino de Mesa is considered to be equivalent of the table wine used in most parts of the world. They are made from uncategorized grapes or vineyards. However, some winemakers may declassify these wines to get more flexibility with winemaking and blending. The next class is the Vino de la Tierra that corresponds for the larger regions and will be displayed on the label.

The third class in Spanish Wine is the Vino de Calidad Producido. It is considered to be the first step towards the Denominacion de Origen or DO. It is the DO level in Spanish Winery that is considered to be the typical quality wine creating region. These regions are highly regulated and almost two thirds of the vineyard areas in the country fall under this region. So if you are looking for the best wines from Spain, you must follow this label.

There is another level in the definition of Spanish Wine – the DOQ or DOCa. It refers to wines which are grown in areas that constantly deliver high quality. It is considered to be even better in quality compared to the DO designation. The most popular regions with this type of vineyard are the Rioja and the Priorat. Even Ribera del Duero was awarded with this classification but it has now come to fall into the DO category now.

Moving on from Spanish vineyards, if beer is your forte, you shouldn’t seek anything better than Blue Moon Beer Australia. It is available in cans, kegs and bottles and features around 5.4% of alcohol. The percentage usually varies depending on where you buy it from and the part of the world. It is promoted as a craft beer, which is reasonable given the unique flavor profile.

The Blue Moon Beer Australia is a deviation from the typical beer offerings, especially in terms of its taste. Fans from around the world, including Australia and America have taken to it because of its uniqueness. A glass of Blue Moon gives out a slightly foamy coriander nose along with slender touches of sour notes. The palate is gentle-malt, floral and with a touch of slight bitterness. The flavor instantly fades, making you ponder whether it is a true Belgian witbier or not. It relies more on coriander to extend that flavor. Whether it is the famous Spanish beverage or the Blue Moon Beer, the feel is truly European. The next time you decide to enjoy any beverage with your friends or along, you know which ones to choose best for a great sensation.

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