Simple and easy way to make a dining table

Posted by Samthdseo1 on December 5th, 2020

Are you feeling bored? Then he is the right place you are in. We have got a perfect job for you. We are here to discuss a very exciting project. Today we will build a dining table.wooden dining chairswooden dining chairs

Tools that you require for this project are:-

  • Table saw
  • router
  • Barclays
  • Round over bit
  • 1-1/4'Foster bit
  • Mitre Saw
  • Long1/4' bit
  • drill
  • orbital sander
  • 16-gauge nail gun
  • circular saw
  • Wood glue
  • 3' locking casters
  • MDF
  • 2' nails
  • wood screw
  • boards
  •  flat washers


  1. Cut The Lumber

First and foremost cut the number as per the steps given below:-

  • take 5 boards,2*8*10," premium grade
  • 4 boards.4*4*8', premium-grade
  • 4*$ for the base of the table
  • 2 94" long supports ( square both the ends)
  • 2 30" bottom brace4s
  • 2 29-1/2" top braces
  • 2 18" middle uprights ( connects the top and bottoms braces)
  • 2*8*10s for the tabletop, 5 6-1/2"*112"( rip boards to 6-1/2", then square both ends to 112")
  • 2*4*8', 4 1/2"* 2*8'( rip board into 1/2" slices ')
  • 3/4"*4"8' MDF for the tabletop base one 30-1/2"*8'(rip sheet to 30-1/2")

The middle uprights and the long supports are mandatorily meant to be square. 


 Take one of the 22-2/4" upright on a flat surface. Then tie and place the bottom upright in a position that the forms the base. Make two holes through the upright into the bottom brace. This drilling process must be fine in such a way that pieces are square. Then take wood glue and 6" lead screw and attach the bottom brace to the upright. Then flip the L and the other upright in such a way to the other side of the bottom that it forms U shape. Then repeat this process to attach the top brace to the upright forming a rectangle. Solid Wood Furniture Online



 Take the middle upright the centre of the bottom brace and the other end of the centre to join them with wood glue. Repeat the same with the upright. Now you will have vertical support in the middle of the rectangle that is formed and that forms one of the legs.

4. Attachments

 Then attach the base plates to the end of the uprights with wood glue. Take the four casters to the base plates with 1" to 1-1/2" pan head screws. Then cute the centre of MDF on the top of the table bottom and paste it with wood glue and 2" wood. 


Join the 2*8s and use a router to make 1/2" dado 1" deep by both the dies on 3 of the 2*8s and the side of the other 2. Glue the 1/2"*"*8' strip. Lastly, join the edges. 


As the wood glue dries and sands the tabletop. This is to be done by a router.

7. ATTACH THE TOP mango wood

Centre the tabletop on the mango wood and glue it. 

So these is one way to escape boredom and utilise time to decorate the house. There are several other short DIYs for a round dining table, modern dining chairs, dining chairs, Computer desk etc. These are also very easy yet helpful.

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