Know about expressionist art and the artists who practiced the art form

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on April 27th, 2014

Expressionist art is the name given to the kind of art that expresses the intense emotions and powerful feelings of the artists through the use of color. This type of art form exhibits a prominent departure from the expected rules in the world of art. In most of the instances, the feelings and emotions expressed through the expressionist artworks are inspired by specific circumstances of which the artists were a part. This type of postmodern art has acquired a huge popularity in the recent times. There are many artists who still create pieces of expressionist art.

Expressionism came into being in the earlier part of the 20th century and was considered to be a prominent art movement throughout Europe and the United States till it advanced into Abstract Expressionism, an art style that took hold of the art world and left its prominent marks. For attracting the viewers, expressionist art showcase the use of vivid tints, shades, forms and shapes that are amalgamated with no sense of depth or reference creating an unsettling effect. Technology has advanced to a great extent. At present, the artists are blessed with wide variety of mediums that can be used for creating expressionist art. The popularity of expressionist art has not waned till today.

Expressionist art showcases the expression of reality through distortion to convey the inner vision of the artist creating the art. The artists belonging to the school of expressionist art used bright colors to present the pessimistic views of life. They presented a realm of subconsciousness, a world of torment and distress and torment.

Here are a few artists who practiced expressionist art, a postmodern art form: 

• Emil Nolde: He is one of the most famous followers of expressionism in Germany. He explored the demonic heads, religious images, and other supernatural elements to present in his artistic creations. His works that acquired huge recognition in the world of art include The Prophet and Christ Among the Children Ripe Sunflowers. The Prophet is basically a woodcut showcasing a frightening image of pain.

• Max Beckmann: He is also one of the most recognized expressionists in Germany. World War I affected him deeply leaving him with an intense despair. Thus, the theme of despair showed over and over in his artistic creations. Some of the major creations of Max Beckmann include The Dream, Journey on the Fish, Departure, Carnival, and Birds’ Hell.

• George Grosz: This German expressionist is basically known for the satirically drawing protesting against the then bourgeois society of Germany. Some of his well-acclaimed drawings include Thunder Clouds of Smoke, Punishment, Fit For Active Service, The Face of the Ruling Class, Dedication to Oskar Panizza, and Pillars of Society.

• Paul Klee: This Swiss painter another popular exponent of expressionist art. He used forms, colors, and lines to create sensations of tension, weight, and mobility. He basically created abstract art trying to portray through lines and forms the suggestion of figure, object, or face imbued with comic and satirical significance.

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