Buying Tires - What Things To Consider?

Posted by LouisWillis on December 7th, 2020

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Large selection, easy ordering and low prices - more and more drivers are deciding to buy their tires online. What do I have to consider and how do I find exactly the right tires for my vehicle? Whether car or motorcycle: The demands on modern bikes are high, as are the differences between the individual brands and models. We explain in some steps what you have to consider when buying tires:

Select the right tire type

Manufacturers offer seasonally coordinated tires for optimum driving characteristics. Summer tires are comparatively harder than winter tires, which means that the tires can withstand hot temperatures better, generate less abrasion and enable shorter braking distances. Before and after, you should switch to winter tires. The special tread compound of winter tires ensures secure grip in winter road conditions, recognizable by the M + S marking (mud and snow).

Determine the tire size

Whether small car or SUV, motorcycle or van - only certain tire dimensions are permitted for each vehicle. If you are wondering: What should I consider when buying tires, then the tire size is one of the most important criteria. You can find the information on the sidewall of your current tires. Alternatively, you can read off the multi-part code in the vehicle registration or the new registration certificate. Among other things, it specifies how high a tire can be and which rim size fits it. The label also contains information on the maximum load and maximum speed that you can drive with this tire. Sunshine Tyres Shop offer you cheap tyres Melbourne.

Define individual quality standards

Should the tire be as cheap as possible or is my focus on premium tires? When it comes to what I have to consider when buying tires, my own quality standards also play a role. We differentiate between quality tires, branded tires and premium tires, which you can selectively display. Retreaded tires are also available for the smaller budget. Choose from a large number of models.

Compare tire tests

Independent tests provide good guidance when buying tires. In order to make your choice easier, we keep you informed about the most important tire tests from specialist magazines such as AUTO BILD, ADAC and Co. These test current tires from various manufacturers in a certain size and evaluate their safety and performance in different driving situations.

Observe the tire label

What do I have to consider when buying tires? The tire label offers another important aid. It informs you about the rolling resistance including fuel efficiency, the wet grip braking distance on a wet road and the external rolling noise of the tires. The first two parameters are graded alphabetically, with A representing the best grade. The noise emission is displayed with one to three stripes: the higher the number of stripes, the more noise the tire produces.

What else do I have to consider when buying tires?

Buying tires online is particularly easy. Order the tires you want directly from your nearest fitting partner or have the tires conveniently delivered to your front door. And if you are wondering: What else do I have to consider when buying tires? Our staff will be happy to provide you with advice and practical help on the topics of winter tires, all-season tires, buying tires, tread depths and more.

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