Is Your New “Re-Homed” Dog Anxious? Here’s What You Can Do to Help

Posted by PremiumCare on December 7th, 2020

Welcoming a newly adopted pet into your home can be exciting for the whole family. Yet your new friend might not feel the same way. “Re-homing” is a term that can be used to describe when a pet finds a new home, but it is commonly applied to pets that have had to leave their previous homes to be placed directly into a new one (without going to a shelter or pound). This could be due to a change in living circumstances which made it impossible for the dog’s previous owner to keep them. With that in mind, your new dog could be confused and upset by their change in environment. This is a time when using natural ways to help them find comfort in their new home can be especially beneficial.

Get to Know Them

Your new family member has their own personality, which they may be hesitant to show you. They may not only be anxious, but also sad and disheartened. You can try to entice them into a bit of play time, sit with them on the floor in quiet companionship, or offer them calming hemp dog treats. Talk to them and let them hear the sound of your voice so that they are more comfortable listening to you and following the rules of their new home. You may not have been around during the first few years of this dog’s life, but you took them home so that you could be a part of their future.

Try a Calming Supplement

In addition to being a sort of peace offering between you and your new friend, calming chews for dogs can be a safe and beneficial way to help make the transition easier on your dog. Natural, hemp-derived calming treats are becoming more widely available to pet owners. They can feature organic passionflower and chamomile ingredients, which are also common in herbal teas for human consumption. These natural ingredients may help alleviate symptoms of dog-related stress and anxiety, including separation anxiety. They can also help promote calmness in your re-homed dog as they get to know their new environment.

You could even make the times you give your dog a calming treat into an opportunity to bond with them. Heat up some water for your own cup of chamomile tea, and you and your dog can unwind together using tried-and-true herbal remedies.

Give Them Time

Every re-homed animal will need time to adjust—whether or not they came from a loving environment. The ones who were well-cared for by their previous owners their entire lives may need a larger window than others. If you’re tempted to try starting the dog on special anxiety medication, you might benefit from trying a more natural approach using a calming supplement for dogs first. Remember, you took this dog under your wing for a reason. Something drew you to them. With enough time, your new dog may come to see that they can find peace in their new home—although they may continue to want some of those tasty calming treats!

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