Unique Coffee Mugs That Are Instagram Worthy

Posted by Jay Bhagat on December 7th, 2020

When shopping for coffee mugs - size, material and occasion are essential. Ceramics are an all-time favourite with coffee aficionados, however, your high-teas can include porcelains; just be careful not to tip it over. Ceramic Coffee Mugs also help keep the temperature of the beverage warm for a longer period of time as compared to other materials. For added functionality, you can choose to go for a coffee mug with a lid to avoid potentially painful spills. While your cold lattes don’t demand a handle on your mugs, steaming hot ones can't do without it. Further, depending on your intake, the size of your mug cannot be too big or too small, sprinting to the kitchen for refills is just not convenient. The last and most crucial check is the style. You may wonder what’s that got to do with your coffee anyway; well just like your interiors need a little polish to look well lived in; a good coffee mug feels delightful to take a sip from.

Let’s get right down to the most unique coffee mugs that will make you want to keep them in front of you at all times; be it at work or home. Let’s take style inspiration from the Instagram worthy designer coffee mugs online at Freedom Tree. 


unique coffee mugs

  1. Solid Mint/Light Pink Baga Mug
    These ceramic delights, in a pop of contrastingly beautiful pastel, are all about snug comfort. The Baga Mug, in mint and pastel, is ideal to sample your flower teas for a good night's rest! This ceramic coffee mug is super durable and will survive a couple of falls and not crash into pieces. As delicate as it may look; no need to tread carefully around this one.

  2. Kolar Coffee Mug
    Fun get-togethers require a dash of jazz! What better way to express that, than with a glaze of gold! Bring out the mochas and cappuccinos and let it peek charmingly from a beautifully moulded ceramic; taking a grandstand when you play host/hostess for grand affairs.

  3. Joyee Java Mug
    One of the most unique coffee mugs; the Joyee Java Mug is going to have you burst out in delight! Whip up your very own brunch at home with this Joyee Java Mug in a pop of candy colours and quirky art; complete the set up with beautiful music in the backdrop! This ceramic enchanter doubles up well as a substantial soup cup!

  4. Color Pop Coral Latte Glass
    Well, coffee is not limited to being served as only steaming hot! Calling out to all iced latte lovers to relish a swig from this Colour Pop Latte Glass; it’s difficult to withhold a smile after one. Lighten up with this sublimely handcrafted and hand-painted latte glass! 

On an ending note, research suggests that coffee mugs enhance your coffee drinking experience! We don’t need any more reason to not get one! Browse the unique collection from Freedom Tree and drink up in flair. 

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