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Posted by eshleydurst on December 7th, 2020

Animal Testing - To Test or not to Test

There are many debatable topics nowadays. Some topics are new, while others have been under discussion for centuries. Contrary to popular belief, animal testing is a debatable issue that is not new and has been under the fire for many decades. In the field of science, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and even technology, animals are tested upon in order to find out the consequences and effects of the chemicals on humans. People who argue that animal testing is cruel and inhumane have their reasons, while those holding the opposing views are equally eloquent.

There are many reasons why animal testing should be prohibited; however, to fully comprehend the issue, one has to look at both views. The biggest reason to abolish animal testing is that animals are living creatures, just as human beings are. They can feel pain, joy, and all the other emotions a living being is entitled to. In fact, when people accept inhumane treatment on animals, they are in fact being prejudiced against different species.

Furthermore, research proves that animals are subject to inconceivable pain and harm during animal testing. The very concept of animal testing is to see how much pain the animal receives, meaning that the very foundation of this practice is barbaric. According to the European Commission of 1997, the animals that are not killed as a result of the testing must be murdered at the end of the experiments. These numbers range from hundreds to even thousands in some cases.

Contrary to mass belief, there are now many alternative ways to see a product’s effects and results which do not involve animal testing. Thanks to modern technologies, things such as dead skin cells or left over human skin can act as great substitutes for any living things. In fact, these subjects are much more reliable, as they are more relatable to humans. When testing is performed on animals, the research and experimentation are flawed, as animals are obviously different from humans. What worked for a rat will not work for a human being.

Turning the pendulum, there are many reasons why animal testing needs to be performed. First of all, animals are not humans and the distinct difference needs to be recognized. It is in the nature of animals to kill other animals and even harm human beings. In fact, if the reason for stopping animal testing is that animals feel pain, then other issues must be opened and debated as well, such as killing animals for their meat.

Secondly, the lives of animals and the pain and harm they face should be the least of our concerns, as human life comes first. In fact, everything in the world, including animals is designed to serve mankind in the form of food, clothing and, yes, testing chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It is preposterous to believe that any animal life is worth more than a human life. Also, the diligence and attention should be diverted to saving the millions of humans that are suffering and dying around the world each day, and not on saving a rat from an injection.

Thirdly, ending animal testing will put a stop to significant and ground breaking scientific experimentations. These experiments are important for the progress of the world and the human race and animals must be tested on. Due to the modern technology, there are many ways that help to relieve animal pain and even exterminate it in many experiments. In fact, because of these experiments, many alternative methods of testing will be started as well.

All in all, there are many points for each side to support or abolish animal testing. Before making a decision, one must be informed on both sides in order to deliver a well-balanced debate. There are many categories and angles to view this issue which includes moral, legal, and practical grounds. From a moral point of view, animal testing indeed is inhumane and painful to the animals. However, from practical point of view, in order to protect human life, animals must be sacrificed. The legal point of view is the one that decides whether or not to officially abolish the practice.

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