5 different types of facials offered by medical spas

Posted by Mords1944 on December 7th, 2020

Fort Worth is a great city. Home to the Stockyards, Sundance Square, Billy Bob's and several other attractions for tourists and locals. Sometimes these more culturally or historically significant attractions can make us Texans forget the simple stuff. As a resident of the DFW area, one of my favorite things to do when visiting Fort Worth is getting a professional facial. I always go to the same place. I decided to do a little research on the different types of facials available at my favorite spa.

First of all, if you've never had one, a facial is a great way to rejuvenate your skin, remove dead skin, and boost the beautiful glow that's hidden under the top layer of skin. Regardless of the protectors you may use to protect your face from the harsh chemicals and environmental poisons present in our world, some damage is bound to occur. This is why getting regular facials is so beneficial, as they awaken the skin, pamper it, and make it beautiful and healthy. However, if you are a newbie to facials, you may worry about the different types of facials that you can get. That's why we've put together this roundup of the most popular facials in Fort Worth to help you determine where to start on your journey to healthier skin.

1. Basic Facial: The most basic foundation of facials is a good initial facial, as it targets normal skin that is not too dry or oily and is not overly sensitive to certain factors or ingredients. It's also the least expensive of the facials, so if you're not sure whether or not you'll like them, it's your best option. In a basic facial, you will receive a cleansing of your skin, a steam and then a follow-up massage to stimulate your pores.

2. AHA Facials: AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid and such a facial uses the anti-aging processes of flowers and plants, which contain amounts of AHA, to rejuvenate the skin and make it look young and renewed. Although the process of all specialized facial treatments, like this one, incorporates the same cleaning, steam and massage protocol; in this case, a special topical cream is applied that offers the benefits of AHA. The best candidates for an AHA facial are those who are concerned about the signs of aging and wrinkles, may have pigmented skin, or simply want their skin to appear healthier.

3. Antioxidant Facials: The same cancer-fighting antioxidants that are beneficial to eat, found in blueberries and the like, can help protect skin from the same cancer-causing free radicals in the environment. In an antioxidant facial, different face creams made with powerful amounts of antioxidant vitamins are used to remove contaminants, cleanse and protect the face from future damage. The best candidates for these facials are those who spend a lot of time outside to work or play.

4. Facial treatments for acne: While teenagers are more likely to suffer from acne on the skin, acne in adults is also very common. That said, many people regularly receive facials for acne. These treatments offer a deep cleansing, an enzyme or glycolic acid peel, a steam mist, deep pore pimple extractions, and an anti-acne anti-inflammatory face mask.

5. Collagen Facials: Another popular facial to get at a spa is a collagen facial. These facial treatments offer a treatment for those seeking to prevent wrinkles, dark circles and any other damage that the sun and pollutants may suffer. Collagen Facials have a series of care steps that begin with cleansing, exfoliation, a steam mist, then a pore cleanse, a lymphatic massage, and a mask applied over the core collagen ingredient.

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