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Posted by touching hearts on December 7th, 2020

Companion Care Services

Older people living alone or away from family are used to doing things on their own. But as you get older, it becomes more and more difficult to perform daily tasks. Life can also lead to social isolation and loneliness. Sustained emotional support and related services improve the quality of life of older people.

Choose specialized care services tailored to your or your loved one's needs.

Our accompanying New York City elderly care services range from basic communication and emotional support to meal preparation and easy cleaning. It all depends on what you need from yourself or the elderly person. Our caregivers listen carefully and participate in the conversation.

Regular visits, communication, and company

Even if you come to visit Touching Hearts from time to time, it can make a huge difference for a person who lives alone or maybe takes care of a sick husband. From conversation to lunch - Touching Hearts Home Care means home care assistant and something - or someone to look forward to.

Medication Reminders

While our home caregivers cannot take medication, they may regularly remind you to take oral medications or injections and may also help you with pre-measured medications and monitor for side effects or other medical issues. (Also ask about our special medical dispensers and other useful home health care solutions.)

Light Housekeeping

Our home care assistants provide vacuuming, dusting, garbage disposal, cleaning and cleaning of rooms, toilets, and boxes, and thorough cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms. A tidy home is a happier and more comfortable home, and Touching Hearts Home Care is here to help!

Meal Preparation

Some seniors can't eat well simply because they don't want to worry about food preparation and cleaning. At Touching Hearts in Westchester County, a home care assistant can prepare regular meals that support a healthy diet, provide adequate food for medication use, and simply add joy and comfort to an elderly person's day. In addition, our guards take care of the cleaning!

Laundry Services

We can wash, dry, fold, iron, and provide our customers with clothes, bed linen, and towels. This Companion care Westchester NY can save time and exercise, which is an advantage for people who have difficulty walking, have joint pain, or get tired quickly.

Shopping, commissions, and Transport

Shopping for food, recipes or dry cleaning are common needs for those who want to keep their independence at home. Touching Hearts home care assistants can provide these services directly, including purchases from certain stores of a customer's favorite or essential products. We can also offer random transportation to our customers who want to make commissions and socialize while ensuring the well-being of the customer.

Recreational Activities

Our home caregivers will take customers to their favorite activity - such as nature lessons, bingo, or a concert - and will happily join a game of cards or scrabble. Actually through

Family Respite Care

We can help you alleviate the stress of caring for a loved one by providing much-needed breaks for key caregivers (husband, children, family, or friends). In fact, while we strive to meet the needs of individual customers, we also know that we care for families who are sometimes in difficult situations. Our temporary care services can give you the free time you need.

24-Hour Home Care

Touching Hearts Home Care in Westchester County is a leading in-home care technology. We offer a wide selection of high-quality personal emergency response devices, as well as our secure web-based healthcare monitoring tool called Client Care Access. Our home care staff is available 24 hours a day, day or night, and, along with our technology support, this means that Touching Hearts Home Care provides peace of mind 24/7 for customers and their families.

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