Why FSSAI Registration Is Compulsory in Food Business?

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The fssai registration is important for all the food business because without the licensing we cannot provide food that is unhygienic to the public. Also,fssai registration helps your food business to get its reputation and certification that food provides is completely safe to consume. That's why it's highly important to get fssai registration.

So, in this article, we will discuss that Fssai registration Is Compulsory In Food Business and how you can do FSSAI online registration.


Overview of fssai registration

FSSAI registration is necessary compliance that assures the safety of food products. Those are supplied or manufactured by different establishments in India. All the traders, manufacturers, restaurants who include in the food business must get a 14-digit license number. That is further prints on their food products. So, it's better to register your company or business of food products. because if you are a legal business or company then only you will get a consumer base. The Online Company Registration Process is very simple.

Basis of fssai online registration:

Here are the 3 types of food registration levels along with their eligibility criteria: 

1. Basic FSSAI Registration: 

Basic FSSAI Registration is necessary for the petty food business operators. It's also named as the Basic FSSAI License. It is for the food business operators (FBOs) whose turnover does not exceed the limit of Rs. 12 lakh per annum. People who come following this category are almost the petty retailer, vendors, hawker, or temporary stallholder. 

2. State FSSAI License:

 FSSAI State license is necessary for the FBOs with yearly turnover between Rs. 12 Lakh - Rs. 20 Crore. The turnover limit is the same for an FSSAI State Manufacturing license or FSSAI State trading license. 

3. Central FSSAI license:

 It is necessary for the FBOs whose yearly turnover is above Rs. 20 Crore Must register under Central fssai registration. In case of trading or manufacturing or warehouse beyond certain limits as defined by the laws. So, get fssai registration today to continue operating your business.

 Good reasons to Fssai registration Is Compulsory In Food Business?

Obtaining a license can provide legal advantages for the food industry, create goodwill, ensure food safety, generate customer awareness, and support business expansion. It also helps to control, produce, store, distribute, and sell food imports.

  • Offers the Food business al the Legal advantages

Most of the food businesses identify as getting an FSSAI license. Usually, FBOs don't register their food business because of its expensive cost and long process. But, in reality, the process is not that long and there are a lot of consultancies that can assist you to get the license with ease. The actual cost which is needed to achieve the license is less than what you will have to pay for it as the penalties if you are found, defaulter. It is thus advisable for any FBOs to firstly get the license before you can even officially open your business.

  • Quality Assurance

Getting the brand name similar to the FSSAI logo will help to spread confidence and quality assurance within the target audience. If they know that you have a license from FSSAI, people can easily invest and approach your company and food market.

  • Food business expansion:

Before investing, several partnering companies and other brands search for an FSSAI license. Getting an FSSAI license will help promote your business and brand image, helping to draw opportunities to grow your company and raise profit from turnover. The majority of food delivery apps require the restaurant in its application to have an FSSAI license.

  • Brand Awareness spreading:

Getting an FSSAI license often helps you to help spread awareness about kitchen protection and hygiene to the masses. People will become more conscious of food safety requirements and get knowledge about them. Getting an FSSAI license will also help solidify the business with a stronger and more proactive customer and consumer base.

  • FSSAI Logo Makes you more popular: 

Once you have the license, to encourage the superior quality of your food over others you can skillfully use the FSSAI logo on your menu cards and even in the pamphlets. However, this provides you with an advantage over the many food operators that do not have a food license. Consequently, all packaged food is required to have an FSSAI number. The logo is used as a symbol of authenticity and also for customer assurance. Indeed, selective consumers want to consume food items that are approved. This enables you to grow a brand name.


The fssai registration or license is essential for all types of food business operators in India whether they are transporters, wholesalers, manufacturers or caterers, etc. Also, there are 3 types of registration possible depending upon the yearly turnover. And the type of establishments or businesses. So, if your food company or business does not register today. The Online Company Registration Process is simple.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the FSSAI License?

 FSSAI Registration is mandatory for all individuals or entities that are eligible for an FSSAI food safety Registration or License. The FSSAI license will give you the legal right to operate your food business at the basic, state, or central level.

Why is the FSSAI License Registration important?

The target of each Food Business Operator is to maintain food quality standards to ensure safety and to provide every customer with satisfaction. In formulating the control procedures, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI Registration) plays an important role.


What is the procedure FSSAI License Registration?

The fssai license registration procedure is a simple Selection of kind of business and food category after that pick the type of registration. Collect all the documents submitted to the legal authority and certificate.


What are the FSSAI Registration Documentations?

Common documents are required for obtaining FSSAI registration ID proof, Address proof, and FSMS plan.

Why is there a requirement for an FSSAI license number?

The FSSAI license number is a 14 digit number that gives the information about the manufacturer license FSSAI number gives the registration details FSSAI logo that publishes the brand owner with his license number on the label of the food package.

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