The older OSRS gold in order that they compare

Posted by limmzhou on December 8th, 2020

People keep trying to believe it's still enjoy the older OSRS gold in order that they compare it all of the time. It's an almost completely different game, with the only real things staying the same would be the names of things, areas, and individuals. Individuals should stop trashing a game that they do not play.

We already got OSRS out of the deal anyway.Why would you lie then? If you genuinely feel that RS3 is bad then you certainly have the right to write a review and let everyone know that RS3 is a poor product. We shouldn't let Jagex get away with this. I sincerely encourage every good or bad reviews.Rs3 stinks but that's because to me it looks like osrs (which is my nostalgia speaking ) but far too advanced and excessively complex.

Additionally, there are other sides of this too like a hyper inflated market that's only a product of its era, nothing to stop that.But it looks stunning and I can imagine if that's the sorta thing you like, it still has the RuneScape charm, so people should not review bomb it for Buy Rs gold being something that they are not interested in.

Though I really wish they would correct the combat system on rs3 to become user friendly and have zero delay in usage because of the tick system, thats actually the only bad thing about rs3 other than mtx.

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