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Posted by Grace Olivia on December 8th, 2020

A Dissertation is a long piece of academic writing that the students have to prepare in their final post-graduation year and during their Ph.D. It is an important step in a student's academic life. A dissertation requires a lot of research, and the students have to be very careful with the guidelines followed by the university.  

A dissertation is not as simple as an assignment or a project. Students should select the topic of a dissertation very carefully. The intensity of the topic determines the intensity of a dissertation. It is usually better for students to select a topic that has not been commonly worked on.  There is a basic structure of a dissertation assistance that has to be followed by the students.

The Structure of A Dissertation

A dissertation usually consists of an abstract, introduction, hypothesis, literature review, research methodology, data analysis, result, conclusion, citations, and glossary. 


The abstract should talk about the topic and the aspects that the student is willing to work on.


This section should describe the topic, the theory you are working on, and the various ways in how the dissertation is going to proceed.


It should contain the prediction statement based on the theory that the student is researching in his/her study.

Literature Review

In this section, you have to summarise and provide critical analysis of the research arguments you have found in your research without making new contributions to literature.

Research Methodology

As the term describes, the students will have to describe the methods used while conducting the research.

Data Analysis

This section should clearly state your point of view regarding the research statement and should not offer any contrasting views. It should discuss the primary and secondary methods used in collecting the data and the materials used from that data in the research.


The result should talk about the findings of the student based on the research.


The conclusion should summarise the entire dissertation in a few paragraphs. The conclusion should not include any new points.


It is an important part of a dissertation paper. A should always acknowledge the sources he/she used in a dissertation. It can follow the APA format or any other format based on your university.


This used includes the meanings of the list of terms used in the dissertation that is not common to the average reader.

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