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Posted by Workdm on December 8th, 2020

What is marketing? A question was asked. In response to this question, the American Marketers said, Marketing is the planning and implementation process for the development, pricing, distribution and promotion of goods, services and ideas in order to bring about change that will achieve personal and organizational goals." However, for the last 30 years, nobody could understand what was meant in this sentence.

Marketing department students in particular burst into understanding this sentence. But no one has given a more detailed explanation than we will give here. Here, we will be dealing with the most basic issues such as, traditional marketing, digital services, advantages and digital marketing tools, digital marketing benefits. So before forgetting that this content is a very detailed guide, grab a coffee, sit back and carefully review the content.

What is Marketing

Marketing is the planning and implementation process for the development, pricing, distribution and promotion of goods, services and ideas in order to bring about the change that will achieve personal and organizational goals. But there is very limited information that you can understand here. For this reason, let's open this subject in more detail.

In order to complete the financial cycle within a company, that company must be making money. If a business cannot make money, all of its functions are invalid and their functions unresponsive. A business is an asset that has to generate income. It is marketing that provides a regular flow of income to this entity. You don't need to think of marketing as just an entire department.

A person selling a national lottery ticket shouts, shows and tells to be able to sell tickets. All of these movements are selling us tickets and generating income. But the fine point where marketing differs from advertising is advertising sells product, marketing brand. If you can understand this difference, you will understand the rest much more easily. We said that a business will survive as long as it generates income, in addition, financial statements must be entered in order to prepare the budget of the business. In order for financial statements to be formed, a balance of income and expense must have been established. If we cannot create this table, it means that the marketing department is not working or is insufficient. People can confuse the marketer with the advertiser. Advertising work is product-based. However, marketing is based solely on the brand. The marketer allows the bond between the brand and the public to warm by using resources among the public. In this way, people who trust the brand buy more products, talk about that brand everywhere and automatically create the phenomenon of “word of mouth. Word of mouth = Person A telling person B about a brand / product. If we understand marketing, let's talk about traditional marketing methods.

Traditional Marketing Methods

With a clear meaning, it can be called mass marketing. As the name suggests, traditional marketing is a marketing method that continues with old, traditional, un-updated and outdated ideas.  It can be read again the next day at any time. It is very simple and can provide clear access to the desired segment. But the most important rule that should not be forgotten; traditional services is definitely a concept that can force the brand financially. When traditional marketing methods are used, the average 30-second advertisement price to be bought from a local television channel will be 20,000 TL.

When considered in such detail, we can understand that traditional marketing is about to end. Forced comedy television series, pathetic scripted movies, tragicomic documentaries and series. Together they destroyed the television community. But there is nothing lost. Although traditional marketing is crowded, scary, expensive and depreciated, there is another object called digital marketing.   With the developing technologies over time, much different results have emerged. Digital marketing strategies have developed, with the proximity of people to digital, Online marketing is now much more affordable, can reach much more precise results, and it has become much more effective with the direct targeting of the desired target audience.

Digital Marketing Advantages

An ordinary boutique with an e-commerce store can have an advantage of up to 80% against its physical competitors. With an advertisement print out, the relevant product can be shown to 45,000 people on average. In the E state, with the updating of stocks, it causes immediate stock depletion.

Internet marketing services which is current and adaptable to the new world, can be offered at much lower prices. This is the second detail. All businesses that care only about physical sales, do not give importance to digital marketing and naturally do not invest, while calculating loss reports, Digital marketing always makes the business much stronger and more authoritative where competition is fierce. Thanks to digital marketing, both digital channels are used more actively, the brand / business shows itself much better and differentiates itself from its competitors with instant sales figures.

It is a process that allows the brand, product or company to be promoted on the internet and digital advertisements.

  • internet Services Being Measurable

It can be measured how many people saw a banner ad, which is one of the electronic marketing products, how many people clicked, and how many people bought that product from that banner. Online marketing is almost like gold for the brand with its highly measurable add-on, such as how many people read online magazines, how many people show total advertisements.

  • Making web Marketing More Appropriate

Ads for traditional marketing can find much larger amounts. However, the cost of an advertisement in digital marketing can be very small, such as 1 TL per click.

  • Interactive Communication

The comments, opinions and likes of users who have already purchased that product can be listed right in front of you. These comments can speed up the purchasing process related to that product much more. When the electronic marketing world is this rich, it would be a big mistake not to use it and ignore its advantages.

These are some of the advantages associated with working with a digital marketing company. It is very important to choose the right company and make your goals prosper. This will only happen when your company joins our company.

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