Pros and Cons React Native Vs Flutter

Posted by it path solutions on December 8th, 2020

Cross-platform technology is very popular and growing up demand in business sectors. Both React Native App Development and Flutter have the as most famous cross-platform framework which is being utilized by a huge number of developers to create cross-platform mobile applications. But many developers are in difficulty about which one should they choose.

There is no at last response to this question as the answer response itself relies upon many factors, for example, what sort of business you have, some utilization case, your work process necessity, business situation, and usefulness. If you have to look up React Native and Flutter, at that point both cross-platform technologies are first-rate having a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we will cover of pros and cons of both frameworks, some significant things which will assist you with choosing which structure should go for.

Pros of React Native

Time and Cost efficiency

Native look and feel of your apps

Awesome Performance

Quickly refresh with hot reloading

One Team for Multiple Platforms

Freedom of Choice for Developers

Native Rendering

Growing Community

Cons of React Native

Ready-made Components Small Collection

Apps Size is bigger than the native apps

Native Code Required

Steep Learning Curve

Memory Management

Pros of Flutter

Relatively fast development

It is fairly large and heavy to start

Dart is a simple and effective language targeted at Java

Full customization & fast rendering

One code for 2 platforms

Seamless integration

Cons Of Flutter

User interface

Not 100% the same as with native solutions

It is still an immature framework

Operating platforms

Large file size

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