All You Need To Know About Seasonal Depression Disorder

Posted by Dr. Sanjeet Diwan on December 8th, 2020

Do you experience a low mood when it gets dark sooner than usual in the evening during the winter season? It is quite normal for all of us to feel as such. However, a growing and persistent feeling of low mood can be a red flag for a complicated mental health condition. If someone feels sad, disengaged, and fatigued during particular seasons of the year, especially during winter, the reason behind the same can be seasonal depression disorder.

What is Seasonal Depression Disorder?

Seasonal Depression Disorder, also known as SAD, is a mental health condition in which a person feels extremely depressed during specific seasons of the year. A person undergoing SAD feels fine during other seasons. Large parts of the population in such cases find the winter season to be the most depressive one and start feeling better when it’s over. Change in the body’s natural circadian rhythm during winter has been identified as the cause of SAD by many researchers.

Many people live with Seasonal Depression Disorder. People with other mental health conditions, like anxiety, stress, bipolar disorders, etc. are more vulnerable to SAD. In 20% of the cases, people with the major depressive disorder also undergo SAD. Being one of the best psychiatrists in Bhopal, we have come up with this post to introduce you to a couple of techniques to deal with seasonal depression disorder. So, without wasting any time, let us have a look at them in brief:

How to Deal With Seasonal Depression Disorder?

1 – Dawn simulators and light therapy

Dawn simulators and light therapy boxes can create a similar effect as that of the sunshine, even it is dark outside.

2 – Be Social

Spending time with your friends, family, or any loved ones will also help you fight Seasonal Depression Disorder. The motive is to keep you out of your self-awareness zone.

3 – Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to fight all sorts of mental health conditions, including Seasonal Depression Disorder.

4 – Focus on Sleep Hygiene

Does the schedule of your sleep gets disturbed during the winter season? If yes, make sure that you have a comfortable space to sleep and stick to a fixed timing for sleeping.

5 – Talk to a Psychiatrist

Talking to a psychiatrist is the best way to tackle the condition of Seasonal Depression Disorder. They are trained professionals with extensive expertise in dealing with such conditions.

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