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Business for Good Podcast with Paul Shapiro

Covering a wide range of topics on the wider themes of animal welfare and sustainable living, the Business for Good Podcast is an excellent listen for any entrepreneur looking to take a keener interest in the environmental ethics behind their work.

Though the first season had initially been hosted by both world world-renowned animal rights activist Paul Shapiro and his partner Toni Okamoto, Shapiro now takes sole responsibility in delivering the show, joined by a new guest each episode and discussing their business’ attitude towards sustainability.

What is the Business for Good Podcast about?

Business for Good covers a variety of sub-topics on the wider theme, such as pollution, the environment, animal rights, and unhealthy eating, among many, many more. The general gist, however, is that Shapiro will interview a new entrepreneur each week about their sustainability-focused business.

The show gives real-life examples of companies that are using their platform for good, making positive changes to people’s lives and protecting the planet in the process. Shapiro defines his guests as ‘superheroes’, championing their actions and their approach to their business in an ever more environmentally conscious world.

Examples of recent guests include John Mackey (Whole Foods Market), Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (Joyful Vegan), Abhishek Sinha (Good Dot), and a one-off return for his partner, Toni Okamoto, who had of course co-hosted the primitive series of the show. Shapiro has also interviewed Bob Langert, a former Vice-President of McDonalds who has played a key role behind the company’s push for more environmental responsibility in the face of criticism.

Who is Paul Shapiro?

Paul Shapiro is an American author, journalist, businessman and animal rights activist.

A graduate of The George Washington University in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, Shapiro has gone on to have an illustrious career across numerous disciplines – but, most importantly, has stuck to his principles and championed animal welfare throughout.

His best-selling title, Clean Meat: How Growing Without Animals Will Revolutionize Dinner and the World, explored a wide range of start-up businesses that produced meat analogues/substitutes. The book was critically acclaimed for its new ideas and illumination of such products that, until then, had received little media coverage and was perhaps not yet such of a ‘hot topic’.

The entrepreneur has also hosted numerous TEDx talks on the topics of sustainability and animal welfare, spreading his message and ideas. He has contributed to both a wide range of local and national newspapers and academic journals. Shapiro’s passion and enthusiasm are evident to see within both his podcasts and his works elsewhere; he certainly practices what he preaches.

Who is the Business For Good Podcast aimed at?

The Business for Good Podcast is aimed at a wide entrepreneurial audience, with the goal of influencing everybody and anybody into taking more caution over their business’ environmental impact.

The podcast is especially good for start-up entrepreneurs, however, with many of the guests hailing from recently formed organisations. The language used within is accessible and easy to understand, even for a non-native English speaker.

How do I access the Business For Good Podcast?

The pod itself is available on all major podcasting sites such as Spotify, Apple, and libsync. Or check our Paul Shapiro’s website:

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