Things to Keep in Mind when you Choose Silk Bed Sheet

Posted by La Blonde Gitane on December 8th, 2020

Silk is considered to be the most luxurious and lucrative naturally occurring material today. And, no matter what the time of day it is, its quality and importance remain unmatched by any other material created by a machine or even man. Pure silk bedding sets provide its user with a pampered feeling, a state of comfort coupled with paramount luxury. And, when one sleeps on it, the sheets can assure the most comfortable night sleep. But we are in the age of counterfeits and it is recommended to check for the quality before buying these sheets. 

Are you worried about the steps to check the quality? If yes, then there are following measures listed below you can keep in mind before investing in one of the luxury silk bed sheets

  1. If the silk sheet is cultivated or not- Even though the silk has been produced in a similar fashion for hundreds of years but the best quality of silk sheets is offered by the cultivated sheet. The cultivated sheet is one that sheet that is crafted by silkworms who are fed by the mulberry leaves. You may wonder why this process is important? Well, the process results in silk that has long fibres which in turn accounts for high durability. And, it also offers a natural light radiating look that is a characteristic trait of silk.
  2. The royal silky touch- How do you differentiate the silk material than the rest? It is done by the silky feel or touch that the material has. A silk touch can be defined as luxurious, soft as well as rich. A silk bed linen should feel soft on the skin, such as when one sinks in it they feel royal and blessed.
  3. Momme count- Silk producers do not use the traditional thread count, but these are counted by momme count. Silk fabric has exceptionally fine threads and momme count is used to determining the density. Momme is defined as the unit of the weight which is used to measure the density of silk. The higher is the count of momme the more durable will be the fabric.

If you are wondering where to get such good quality of mulberry bedding set, then look no more and trust. They have the finest selection of rich and pure silk sheets sold at reasonable prices. Moreover, even before handing out one stock they ensure or indulge in quality check thrice or four times.

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