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Posted by oshaprosusa on December 8th, 2020

OSHA is known for its safety regulations and has numerous companies providing retired training to people working in hazardous areas. However, one is sure to be a little surprised to learn about OSHA hazwoper training. What does the term mean anyway? No worries! It is an acronym for "Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response" included in "OSHA standard 29 CFR Part 1910.120."

This training is required for five different groups of employers and the employees who face the risk of being exposed to hazardous substances day in and day out. This is not all, though! Individuals who have to clean up after work and treat the said facility are likely to be contaminated with hazardous substances. Moreover, the storage area and waste disposal pertaining to the perilous site places the workers at risk. People who rush in during an emergency at the facility also need to be equipped with protective measures. This makes it most important for all such employees to take the training to keep them well protected despite the hazardous environment.

Sure, the employer or a particular business owner can't formulate the training modules. It requires special skills and experience. Checking OSHA guidelines is an excellent way of remaining informed, however. What makes the exposure highly hazardous? Well, OSHA hazwoper training reveals that the following situations would be regarded as dangerous with all involved required to be trained:

· Areas that have workers handling substances with a high concentration of toxicity

· Workplaces or facilities that can be dangerous for workers causing them to face life-threatening situations. A high risk of physical injury also makes the area hazardous.

· Grave danger to life and health of the workforce as well as supervisors

· Areas that experience a sharp decline of oxygen concentration, thereby putting the individuals at risk

· Workplaces with inadequate fire safety that also poses the danger of explosions

· All of the above are regarded to be emergencies warranting immediate intervention and rescue


The OSHA HAZWOPER regulations do not cover general employees or workers who have to work with hazardous substances. Instead, OSHA holds the employers responsible for maintaining safety in the workplace. It is also the onus of the employer to have their employees trained. Individuals and employees will not be penalized for violating the rules, however. OSHA has the authority over employees working in the private sector, with the EPA having a primary say over protecting the environment and associated violations.

Training Course

All employers and employees under the purview of OSHA HAZWOPER standards need to take the training. One is free to opt for the initial training of 24 hours or go on for a more extensive module of 40-hour hazwoper training. It depends on the specifics of the job, however.

The workers may be asked to take a refresher course requiring 8 hours. This is essential for emergency response as well as workers dealing with hazardous waste management. The training is also available online, and each individual can take it at a relaxed pace at convenience.

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